Poloniex disabled Zcash wallet again

Poloniex disable the Wallet again. Due to “Performance Issue”. I am a bit curios cause its the third time now.

Does the Zcash team has any further information about this?

Poloniex likes to do that whenever ZEC is on the rise. They also like to never bother explaining what the actual issue is so no one ever knows whether there’s a legit problem or they’re being sketchy.

Are there are any change zcash command will reply to us? It’s happening each time when zec really on the rise!
Not first time. I had same problems with yobit twice. This is first time I bumped into problem with poloniex.
Why are there problems with network, if cryptocurrencies created for that reason that network problems not gonna happen at all never!

This doesn’t have anything to do with zcash. It’s Poloniex that put the wallet in maintenance. You should direct your questions towards them.

It is a bit sus that whever zcash has a rise, polo disables the wallet. 3 times in a row now. Almost as if they are doing it on purpose to manipulate price? :expressionless:

They gonna answer only: it’s zcash command issue.
Why are this forum created if we not gonna here from zcash support?

Because there is no zcash issue. Every other exchange is not experiencing an issue. That’s a pretty clear indication this is Poloniex’s issue. Talk to them.