Polo zec wallet disable

is there any problem from polo?currently my zec wallet is Temporarily Disabled…anyone ?can explain… mr @zooko please…Huhuh

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The same question. Problem persist.

So this is why ZEC was losing its value so fast! On the bright side, mining difficulty has gone down.

Difficulty went back up :sweat_smile: I thought this would bring it down.

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They are really screwing us on ZEC with this. Once miners are able to deposit again, there will be a flood of coins to the market. Increase supply at a time when demand is being kicked in the nuts means the price will likely drop even more when they “correct” their issues.
Personally, I have already pointed my miners to another location to deposit but not before two days of mining was already done and in queue to be deposited. But this is impacting all the other exchanges since Poloniex is the second largest overall exchange.

bittrex zec wallet also got problem…i was mining almost 10 hours and no zec depo to my acc

what’s wrong with ZEC? dwarf pool stops payment due to polo issue.

same goes to flypool

The Poloniex page says this:

The Zcash dev team is not aware of any network issues, either from our own network monitoring or reports from other users. We’ve reached out to Poloniex.

If you have any issues, please join the community chat to get help and to help us learn about the issues.

We’ll post on update to the forum here when we hear from Poloniex.

mr @zooko

please fix it fast mr @zooko since many of use still using polo…i have around 5 zec inside the polo acc…:frowning:

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@asusx It’s kind of @Zooko and the ZCash team to reach out to Poloniex and perhaps they can assist Poloniex with fixing the Poloniex exchange software. However, the Zcash team can’t fix this issue directly. The ZCash team don’t run the Zcash exchanges, mining pools, and wallets. These are run by separate entities. If you have an issue with Poloniex, you need to speak to Poloniex, an issue with a mining pool, speak to the mining pool, and so on. It’s like expecting your city government (who maintains the roads and makes road rules) to be able to fix your malfunctioning car.

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bro @whfct

now bittrex disable their zec wallet…:slight_smile:

Thanks! I didn’t doubt the issue was something related to Polo not responding in a timely manner. I’m glad to know you guys aren’t just ignoring it :slight_smile:

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See their official statement here.