[POOL] - Coinotron --- ZEC pool: 4% PPS 2% RBPPS 1% PPLNS



We’ve added ZEC pool. Just point your ZEC miners to port 3346.
Our pool supports SSL/TLS on port 3347. If you are using Claymore’s miner you will pay less fee

Coinotron advantages:

  • ASIC compatibility
  • PPS, RBPPS and PPLNS reward schemes
  • RBPPS, PPLNS rewards need only 30 confirmations
  • long history of stable payouts
  • security is our priority, user passwords are hashed and salted
  • we offer two-factor authentication ( Google Authenticator )
  • our servers are highly secured and DDOS protected
  • website is protected against brute force and dictionary attacks
  • automatic payouts every 30 minutes
  • api
  • Stratum support in all pools
  • monitoring of workers activity
  • charts

More info in Help section: https://www.coinotron.com/app?action=help


ZCash: 0% True PPS mining. Just change worker type to PPS and enjoy no fee PPS.

( until 2017-01-15 or pool’s hashrate > 3 MH/s )

can not connect with ewbf`s miner, getting incorrect work error

We will add support for ewbf miner tomorrow

We added support for EWBF’s CUDA miner: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1707546.0

ZEC pool:

  • 3% PPS
  • 2% RBPPS
  • 1% PPLNS

Starting today, automatic payouts will be processed every 60 minutes

i have dont connect for ssl port

It should be fixed now.

I just started mining but on pool I see 0 hash until miner shows hash normal.
What can be wrong?

Is diff changed or is still distant dream for small miners?

Sorry but we cannot decrease diff yet.
Maybe in June.

looking forward to mine with you maybe next month…

I keep getting “stratum autorization error”
I put your config as follow “miner.exe --server coinotron.com --user username.workername --password workerpassword --port 3346” and put my user name and worker name and password but result is same
do you think where is the mistake?

@coinotron I’m also getting a “Stratum Authorization Error” I am using EWBF on Linux and want to test out your pool. If you could help, it’d sure be helpful. Thx.

Please provide me with command you are using to start mining

We amended our pool to support Antminer Z9, but sadly we don’t have access to any Z9 to test it.
We looking for antminer Z9 owner willing to point his miner to our pool and mine there just for a test.
We will pay for that effort 0.5 ZEC. Please contact us here: coinotron@gmail.com

You may have forgotten or had not time so far to send the 0.5 ZEC to my adress for the testing?:thinking:

how did you test a miner that hasn’t been shipped yet? Insider @boxalex?

of course the mini mate.