Pool mining Zcash with RHEL7/CENTOS7 Linux

I’m building a 5 soon to be 6 GPU Rig to run Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 server

Ive got 4x1080TI’s Turbo OC’s and 1xRadeon Vega64 (1 additional GPU to be added later)

On the rig, I want to mine Zcash with the 4 1080 TI’s and the CPU and then mine Monero with the Vega64 (which i haven’t started to address yet, dealing with the zcash part first)

i want to use the miner that’s going to drive the greatest hash rate on the 1080 TI’s.
I know Debian/Ubuntu seem to be more common for linux mining, but I prefer the Redhat based distros

I looked at Nicehash, but their Nicehash miner and excavator seem to be windows only. the ccminer only supports linux.

Is EWBF closed source my only option? Can I still use that with pool mining?

I’d rather use an open source miner that has a large community keeping it in tip top shape, but I also need to link up with a pool. I saw that Nicehash used to pay zcash miners with zcash, but now it seems to all be done in bitcoin…

Any guidance/help on pimping out a redhat based nvida 4 GPU/1CPU miner. If the same solution can also get my vega64 mining monero, even better

You can still use pool mining on linux with ewbf. Most pools, flypool for example, supports zcash pool mining.