Linux or Windows

Hi Zcash community,

I’m new. Setting up my first Zcash mining rig. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get your advice about using either Linux or Windows.

I’ve heard that Linux Ubuntu provides better results and less problems from the GPUs (and increasing the number of GPUs past 6) but it is harder to learn to use (I’m currently a Windows OS user).

You can do up to 8 GPU’s on windows, You can exceed * GPU’s by switching to another manufacture for the additional slots

8 Nvidia / # GPU’s AMD

If you understand Linux, you’re ahead of the game.

There is also a simple pre configured version of linux out that has everything pre setup. I have a friend who set’s up 12+ GPU rigs and really likes it

@CitricAcid you’re a superstar. Many thanks for all your replies. Greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to the day when I can also contribute to other miners questions!

How do I get a copy of the pre-configured version of linux?

You can do a search here in the forums for it or on

More specifically - It works very well with the biostar btc pro board and 12 1080ti GPUs but is VERY motherboard specific.

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having a hard time getting my mother board to recognize more than 4 evga 1080 ti sc2, any help would be great please. I am using Windows

I know the setting for the 1070’'s but that doesn’t seem to work for the 1080 ti’s

figured it out the settings for the gtx 1070’‘s work for the multiple 1080’'s also. my problem was bad risers. 2 to be specific.