Poor first experience on the forum

I am here seeking help with a sprout migration and my first post was hidden as spam. I don’t know why and I lack the ability to edit that message that the auto mod tells me I am supposed to have after 10 minutes.

Update: I was able to edit that post (but not as fast as the auto mod told me) but it remains hidden.

Apparently the reputation this forum has for heavy handed moderation (by auto mod bots?) is true.

@Javier your post was flagged by a community member because it’s asking for a handout.

You should not need someone here to send you Zcash so you can “test” the migration tool. Simply send a small amount of the Zcash you claim to hold to perform the testing.


My goal was not to expose the cold storage ZEC to the internet until we had tested the sprout process with a small hot wallet. Cold transaction signing seemed to complicate things

I said I would be willing to send some ZEC from the sapling pool first to whoever would help me. So I was not asking for a handout.

There are probably a lot of reasons why people just choose to leave ZEC in the Sprout pool. The way I have been treated here so far does not help.

You have to understand it’s not uncommon for people to post asking for ZEC for various reasons, please help my family, investment scams, etc… However, I disagreed with the flag and your original post is visible normally.

Best of luck finding someone who is holding funds in Sprout that will swap with you. I migrated mine a long time ago.

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That makes sense. Sorry for being hard on you. I will try not to let what others have told me about past experiences impact my future expectations