Requesting a small amount of ZEC from Sprout Pool

I am helping someone migrate a large amount of ZEC from the Sprout pool. We are aware of this migration tool:

However, due to the the amounts involved we would like to perform a test run first with a small amount of Zcash before trying to migrate our cold storage balance.

We need a small amount of ZEC from the sprout pool in order to perform our tests. I’ve used the CLI generate a Sprout address. Can someone send me a small amount from their Sprout address to mine? Of course I would be willing to pay you from the Sapling pool in advance if you can help


My goal was not to expose the cold storage ZEC to the internet until we had tested the sprout process with a small hot wallet. Cold transaction signing seemed to complicate things

I said I would be willing to send some ZEC from the sapling pool first to whoever would help me. So I was not asking for a handout.


I’m still looking for help of anyone can refer me to someone. Our protocols are designed to test software tools before exposing our hot wallets to the internet.

No emergency but we would like the ability to convert our Sprout Zcash to Sapling before Halo goes live.