What is your problem?

My Name is Joshua,
I’m associated with buyZ.cash which is an independent company from zcash and like any other cloud mining services it is doing its Job .

Please let me know why every single post about our company’s website is getting deleted ?

I think you should create a seperate thread instead of spamming other cloud mining services and random threads. I’m not a moderator just a rando.

I guess its because that website looks too much like the official zcash’s website ,so people flag it as scam and moderators delete it. as simple as that .

change the theme and come back and see the miracle

My colleague did and they deleted it, we start to suspect that it might be the other cloud mining services that are somehow linked to zCash so they don’t let other competitors in

Can you provide:

a) Proof of identity
b) Proof of mining hardware
c) Proof of mining?

All the other cloud mining companies who have posted here have done that.

As you well know this field is full of elaborate ponzi schemes.

In fact there are more cloudmining ponzi scams than legitimate cloud mining companies so… Buyer Beware

ZCash has brought a lot of new people into crypto which is great. Unfortunately, the scammers also know this and seek to take advantage of the new and gullible.


Yup, see Genesis Mining as reference … show us your rigs, screenshots, etc