Possibile to mine with 64 GPU's !?

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I am curious if this motherboard can support to have added instead of 8 GPU’s (this Colorful’s new mining motherboard), New PCI-E 16X to 8 Port USB 3.0 Expansion Card for GPU Mining with 8 channels/USB (I want to say that the motherboard must sustain no more or less than 64 GPUS), and instead of normal PSU’s to use Mining Rig Power Supply 1 or like 2600W Mining Rig Power Supply Ethereum Bitcoin Miner Power Supply 12 GPU . As operating system to be consider ethOS.

It is possible such type of configuration ?

I waiting with higher interest your feedback, and why not, some explanation which can sustain your opinion!

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I dont have an answer to your question, but wanted to ask why? I ask because I like to learn and am curios to your reasoning

If your 64 gpu rig goes down, your down hard, whereas if you have several, only a portion of your operstion is down. The only logical benefit that I can think of from such a set up would be so you don’t need another motherboard/ram/processor/ssd but if you have 64 gpus im sure you can afford the minimal cost of getting more parts for multiple rigs.

How do you plan on connecting them all? Id assume youd need some sort of usb 3.0 extension for your risers, but ive heard that you can only have a max length before performance suffers

I have 2 GPU’s (1080’s) on 1 board using 1 USB 3.0 connector and the USB cable has a 18" extension on it and the performance is fine. I can’t speak to longer extensions or more than 2 GPU’s per cable.

Thank you for feedback.

The reason because I ask this and also because I add links into my post, it was pure curiosity ! What is the limit of number of GPU’s which can be support by a motherboard ! On the other hand, of course that you have right: something go wrong or go down, than the lost is huge. When I write this post I see the motherboard picture from Biostar where it was show an riser with 13 USB ports/riser, and can be added around 104 GPU’s on her (in article where appear picture it was about some prototype in stage phase) !!!

So, I think in my mind that with existing USB risers (8 USB ports/riser) this also can be already test . I know that “miners” are peoples that make a lot of tests and I can call him (from my point of view) some researchers.

Maybe in the future will add news with example related to this topic ! What I see also, already is done some servers which support 72, but their release it will not be available until 2020.

Thanks for feedback !
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Thank you for feedback.

I also don’t know how affect the length of cable the performance, but if you have more knowledge related to this possible issue, please let me know.

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Ok, so it’s s purely theoretical question. Color me intrigued. I am curios as well

i remember reading an article that someone was testing around 100 gpus or something crazy on one motherboard, & that was at least a year ago.