Power&cable questions for building a 12gpu mining rig

hi everyone. it’s my first post in this forum. i’m trying to build a 12gpu mining rig. i know the basics about assembling a normal pc and have done it in the past, but this is the first time i’m trying to build a rig. i started by reading a complete guide for building a 6gpu rig. the problem is i got creative and started changing my parts while still using that same guide! so now i’m like an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing!
i bought a frame designed for a 12gpu rig, and bought asrock h110 pro as my mainboard, and decided to use geforce 1060 3gb gpus. the problem is i ordered 6 risers from the guide i mentioned for building a 6 gpu rig which is this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06ZY2R85P/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
then i went and bought a gaming psu from my local shop which is 1050w and has 4 8pin ports with 2 8pin cables. obviously i can’t use this psu with the risers i bought. so now i’m confused as to what i should do. i want to buy a new psu designed for mining, but my risers have 6pin ports and cables that use sata. so can i just buy a psu that has 6pin cables and connect it directly to my risers, and ignore the sata cables that came with the risers? or should i change my risers too? i found many psus that have 6+2 pins. can i use these cables for my 6 pin risers? i mean by connecting 6 pins of those and ignoring the other 2 pins?! i’m really confused, so any help is appreciated. if necessary let me know and i’ll send pics and more details about the wreck i’m apparently building! thanks.

That psu is not capable of supporting 12 gpus. 6 1060 is fine. Evga g2 or g3 are good psu. If you did want to support 12 1060s you would need 1600w to be safe. The good news is you can get creative. The 1600 come with a lot of cables. You can use a 8 pin slot in the psu with 2 6pin split to power 2 cards or 2 risers. The 6 pin risers with only 6 pin and a Sata connected are a fire hazard. Sata is rated for 54 watt. But the riser and 6pin can draw the full 75w if it wants. Not going to happen on a 1060, but still something to consider. If you ever need other custom cables, a good site to order them from is www.cablemod.com

thanks for your answer. if i order the psu you suggested, do you think i should replace my risers too? or should i just order a cable that directly connects from psu to my riser’s 6pin port?

The problem is that most vga ports are 8 pin. The risers can be fed of the sata or perif ports. They are 6pin. But most companies don’t make 6 pin to 6 pin cables. They make 6 pin to sata or 6 pin to molex. So if you want to use the 6 pin psu slots, you need to use Molex or Sata. Now sata can handle the load for a 1060 on the riser. Max draw is usually 60w from the riser. Problem happens when you use a 6 pin or Molex adapter to sata cable. Those have been known to catch fire. I prefer buying 008 or 009 version risers that have all 3 connectors on the riser. Sata, 6 pin, molex

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