Poster Art Series promoting Zcash and Financial Privacy


I’ve submitted a grant proposal to the Zcash Foundation for funding a series of posters promoting Zcash and financial privacy:

But even if the Foundation does not fund the grant, I will commission the artists myself using funds out of my own pocket, albeit on a more limited scale. So either way, it’s happening!

The inspiration is World War II home front posters designed by numerous countries in the 1940s.

Post your poster ideas here.

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The grant proposal was funded for the full amount of $2,500. I started working on the project this week. In this thread, I will post updates at the end of each month. Here is the update for January:

January 2019 Update

The goal of this Zcash Posters project is to create a series of posters that educate the public about the importance of financial privacy and promote Zcash as an important tool for achieving financial privacy in the future. 100% of the $2,500 grant will go to commissioning artists to design the posters, and all the posters will be available to download for free.

An inspiration for this project are all the great World War II home front posters developed in many different countries during that war.

Work on this project started this week. I have contacted three artists, and I plan on contacting several more within the next few days.

The target audience of these posters is not cybercoin aficionados. Rather, I am trying to target the general public. Someone seeing one of these posters hanging in a restaurant, dorm room, or bus stop should be motivated to learn more about Zcash; that is the goal.

To conclude this update, below is an excerpt of an email that I sent to one of the artists. The excerpt will give you a better sense of what I’m trying to accomplish with this project.

I’ve been thinking about those great WWII posters that encourage citizens to keep quiet:

Seymour R. Goff, “Loose LIPS might Sink Ships” (1941)

Glenn Grohe, “HE’S WATCHING YOU” (1942)

Frederick Siebel, “SOMEONE TALKED!” (1942)

Credit cards don’t respect our financial privacy. Our credit card purchases are used by marketers to target us. The original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, respects financial privacy more than credit cards, but because all Bitcoin transactions are publicly available for anyone to see, Bitcoin still puts our financial privacy at risk. Payment systems like credit cards and Bitcoin are “talkative” about our finances.

Zcash, on the other hand, is more like paper cash: it is “quiet”.



Woukd it be ok to propose your project to a local artist ?


This is a really great idea. It reminds me of NASA JPL’s space tourism posters:


@root, I love those NASA JPL posters too! I actually sent one of the artists a link to those posters earlier this week, as an exemplar of the quality that I’m expecting.


If you have a suggested artist for this project that you would like me to consider, feel free to send me their contact information. I would love to take a look at their work.

Of course, the local artist is free to design a Zcash poster completely separate from this project, so long as they abide by the Zcash Trademark Policy. (For the artists that I am working with, I’m making sure that they abide by the policy.)