Power distribution hardware for 25kw+ mining operations

In this neighborhood we’re talking ~125 GPUs or so…

What kind of hardware (brands, models, etc) would you be using to distribute power? I’m thinking power panels, circuit breakers, outlets, etc.

To frame this better, let’s say I only have a power line to a detached garage, what hardware do I need next to eventually get to the point where I have a bunch of outlets that can each drive a mining rig?

A lot is going to depend on where you live in relation to heat management, Power Limitations from your local Grid / Detached Garage - does it have it’s own sub board or is it wired into the house sub - single phase / three phase etc… Let’s say you are using the Biostar Mobo’s and running 12 GPU’s per rig to minimise your hardware power draw / expenditure then your looking at around 90 amp constant draw and that’s not taking into account aircons / evac fans / power monitors / surge protection devices and filters / Lighting / Roller Doors (Powered)
First problem is your detached garage - the gpo’s will be on 20 amp breakers - normally only 1 and this will be wired into the house sub board which in an older house could be as low as 60 amp or as high as 100 amp in a newer home - but remember this is to run your entire home / garage. If you are lucky enough to have your own sub / main in the garage you need to work out what you can safely draw. Depending on where you are you also need to factor in the power draw of whatever heat management system you plan on running i.e a/cons / evac fans etc - 10+ 12 GPU rigs in a confined space such as your garage is going to produce some serious heat - a single a/c is not going to cut it.
In short you need to do a little more research on your dwellings capacities and provide a bit more info before anyone is going to be able to offer you any recommendations as to what you may require - Good Luck with your project