3 PSU's in one rig?

Can I have 3 psus in a single rig? What are the disadvantages vs 2 psus? Thanks!

Yes, of course you can fit 3 PSUs in one rig!

  • Distribute the load to avoid tripping breakers.
  • Reducing KWh used.
  • Expandability if purchasing above specs.


  • Increased initial cost.
  • Increased chance of PSU failure.

Each point is not weighted equally, so don’t just count them up for a decision. This is just what I could think of in 5 minutes.

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Ok awesome! Can you recommend any three psu link cables?

I was wondering if I can run my cpu power from one psu and run my mobo power from another. Would I be able to do that, or does my mobo and cpu have to be on the same psu.

I’m not sure about how that would work out, but would advise against them, because the two plugs are on the same circuit board. I would recommend you go somewhere that is more specialized for computer questions for better informed advice on that subject. I personally have never dealt with PSU link cables, so I cannot advise on which ones would be useful.

Ok thanks for your help!

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The ASUS B250 Mining Expert motherboard is designed to take three power supplies

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But do I need a mobo like that for 6 gpus?

add2psu.com is what i purchased. You can link as many together as you wish off the primary. I just ordered it 2 days ago so have not tested it yet.

Immrspy has it nailed down.

I choose to only run 6 gpus per rig, with 2 power supplies, smaller and easier to get in my area.

There are other connector type tools, I posted a few days ago, go through the forum and look.

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