6 X GTX1080ti Mining Rig Setup

Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum and haven't quite found a definitive answer to my question/idea/understanding of rig building intricacies.

I'm in the process of building a mining rig with the following specs: (Critique if you must... :slight_smile:)

Intel Celeron G3900
Biostar TB250 BTC PRO (12 GPU board)
6 x ZOTAC GTX1080ti AMP Edition
Corsair 750W PSU
Yama 1600W PSU
ADD2PSU adapter

Im still waiting for delivery of the motherboard and GFX cards.
In the meantime i have spent hours planning and researching my "modus operandi"

My first question concerns the power spread.

I understand that the two PSUs must be connected via the ADD2PSU adapter, designating one a Master and the other a slave.

My plan is to use the 750W PSU as the Master PSU to power:

  1. The motherboard/CPU/SSD/RAM
  2. The first GPU and its riser board (Main GPU connected to the 16x slot via its riser)

and the 1600W Slave PSU to power:

  1. The remaining 5 GPUs and their riser boards.

Is my logic sound? Will this work? (I do think I might be cutting it a bit fine in terms of total power available...)

How much coordination does the ADD2PSU do? For instance, powering the rig on/off:

  1. Must the Slave be powered on first, then the master?
  2. Does the same sequence apply for powering down?


Does it not matter and the ADD2PSU will take care of this by itself.

My second question is related to the motherboard.

This new model of Biostar, the TB250 BTC PRO, has 12 GPU slots and can therefore accommodate up to 12 GPUs, provided that they are a spread of Nvidia and Radeon cards, either 6/6 or 8/4 etc...

Firstly, what is the cause of this limitation (is it the OS?) and secondly, will there be a workaround to allow 12 Nvidia/Radeon cards on one board someday?

all your inputs are welcome!


Add2psu is a sophisticated replacement of using paper clip.. the difference is the slave PSU will always remain on using a pin but using add2psu it will switch off when the motherboard is off (which shouldn't happen in mining cases )

Deciding on the PSU for master or slave is based on the power consumption of the card. Make sure the numbers match. Keep a spare 100 watt overhead per PSU .. it should give a better performance..

processor - spend another $10 - $15 and get the pentium (look around you might get it for the same price), the celeron will more than work;however the pentium will work a little better

If using splitt PSU, make sure you have the adapter to connect them so they power on and off via the MB. It cost like $5 to $10.

If you are going to be under volting, then you can run all of this off of ONE single 1600w PSU. you'll get around 550-650 H/s

if you are going to be running stock, NO OVERCLOCKING, then your original spec's are fine.

if you ARE overclocking, 730-780 H/s, then each GPU will pull 270w-310w each GPU (fact), I would go with a 1200w and 1600w PSU (2gpu's on the 1200w).

BTW just for general knowledge, I have ran eight (8) 1080TI's on a single 1600w PSU for 3 weeks running it on 60% power limit, gpu's never reached above 65c and zero reboots getting 4600 H/s,