Power Supply for 2x GPU GTX 1070?

Hey everyone,

I’m working on building a small mining rig, but a bit in doubt about my PSU.Which PSU would be sufficient to power 2x Nividia GTX 1070’s GPU’s for mining ZEC? I’ve read it takes about 170W per card but I want to be really sure about this. I have a PSU of 520W lying around but I’m afraid that will be a bit short… What do you guys think? Or maybe I should get a PSU of 600W or higher?

Other hardware is rather light:
Intel Celeron G1840 Boxed → CPU
Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H → MOBO
4 GB of Ram
SSD drive 128 GB



150W(100%TDP) per card
170(114%TDP) per card
Find a PSU rated at least 80 PLUS Gold with 2x 6+2 PCIE connector
I consume 380W to the PSU with 3 1070s at 70%TDP (315W) it should answer to your question

Aha, thanks for your answer. I have a Seasonic S12II bronze 520W which does not have 2x 6+2 PCIE connectors. (only 1x)
Guess I’ll look for another solution then. Thanks!

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I am running 4x 1070 on 750W Bronze Corsair PSU with plenty of juice left.
You can probably run 2x1070 and drop to 550w PSU if its of good quality, but I would be careful. Make sure the PSU does not overheat - keep good ambient temp in the room.

Usual power for 1070 is between 170 to 220 W depending on the 1070 model. (if not down-clocking)
Do your math (adding your other cpu, mb etc consumption) if you want to run on full power/speed.

If you have some $$, just get a decent PSU. You spent 400USD+ per video card and you dont want to get a decent cpu which is like 15%-20% of the price of one video card :slight_smile:

4x 1070s at 70%TDP mining Ethereum


So 170 is more close to the maximum wattage

If lowering the power - yes. It should work, but then you loose some juice for mining ZEC.
With Ethereum its another story.

Anyhow, the Seasonic 520W has a max of 480W on the 12V. So take this into account.
Its all about the numbers :))

I run at 80%TDP for Zcash (150÷100×80×4=480 for GPUs)
The goal is to save money with a nice efficiency (Sols/W)
At more than 180W your consumption is at least equal to a 1080 with less Sols/s

I don’t mind the electricity cost :slight_smile: but your post makes sense if you want to save on electricity and have some efficiency.

What is your electricity cost? :slight_smile: mine is free my dad told me that he dont want my money xD
But i dont want to explode the electricity bill with these* shitty current cryptocurrencies prices*

I use an EVGA 650 Gold and 2 1060 powered down to max efficiency is only 280 watts.

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