PSU For GPU Mining Rig?

Hi all, so i’m new to Mining and am in the process of purchasing parts. It’s a budget build, therefore i’m using 2x GTX 1050 OC 2GB Cards that i had laying around form previous PC Builds, a cheap H110M - M.2 Motherboard which i’ll be upgrading to a larger board and a celeron G3900 CPU. What psu would be best for me to have upgrades done in the future ? Was looking on eBay and there is a HP BladeCenter C7000 2450W Power Supply for $95.
Would that be suitable to run multiple 1070’s in the future ? or is there better alternatives for the same price ?
Thanks in advance!

Just looked at the image of the listing and the PSU looks massive! Don’t think that’ll be a good idea for the small area it will be placed in… Which other PSU’s are reliable, affordable, and sort of a average PC PSU Size ?

I have bequiet 1200 watt dark power pro 11 platinum made in Germany . super silent" I don’t hear it literally" . very reliable .
running 2 gtx 1080ti ,1 gtx 1080 and 2 gtx 1060 and consuming 800 watts from the wall . I could add another gtx 1080ti easily . ( limiting the 1080ti to 220 and 1080 to 150 and the 1060 to 85 )
its little pricey though , around 250 Euro .

I got it because I don’t like noise , more over I trust German manufacturing over any other country .
I have other 2 bequiet power supplies one of them is bronze 530 watts working since 7 years almost non stop with zero problems .

its my go to brand for power supplies .

Alright thanks. Just watching a video on YouTube about which PSU to go to. ATX Seems like a better and overall cheaper way for now. Found a ATX PSU 1000W on eBay for $114, It’s the GameMax 100w Modular ATX Power Supply.

good luck and wish you all the best .

just remember one thing , don’t cheap out on your electrical stuff . you don’t want fire hazard things running 24/7 in your home .

and in PSUs there are bronze,silver,gold,platinum ratings .

there is a saying in Germany " the one who buys cheap , buys twice ".

Yeah was thinking that. Not too sure which PSU Would be a good option. I am running a 750w Corsair PSU in my gaming rig which has been working perfectly fine. But corsair’s psu’s are quiet expensive.

that brand you choose doesn’t even sell in German or Austrian market , there is a reason for that !.
and on it has bad reviews . its even classified as hazardous .

I would go for more expensive and reliable than something that will shut down every couple of days or its fan breaks down or wire melt or other shit that might happen under load .

remember that you will abuse it for 24/7 for months and probably years to come .

paying 120 USD now and paying another 120 USD , 6 months or 1 year down the road . and having trouble in between is not a good choice .

if you were buying a rig or a case or a keyboard or anything else not power related , I would understand cheaping out . but not for PSU .

just my 2 cents .

Yeah i understand. Looking around for some 2nd hand PSU’s on Newegg.

I guess that wasn’t how dbfusion meant it. I would buy a new one. that is a thing where there is no place for mistake. if you mine one year and lets say you get 10k(just a number), but your house or whatever burns down you are again by zero or on minus. of course also a brand new power supply can be defective, but then you can say you had a brand new supply if the authorities should ask you what happend.

True. Thanks. Will look into some New PSU’s then. Thanks.