How to power a 6 GPU mining rig?

Hi Guys!
I’m going to build my first mining rig so I have a beginner’s question :roll_eyes: …I hope you can help me out a bit.
I have 6 NVIDIA 1070 GPU’s and a Seasonic 1200 W power supply. The power supply has 6 eight pin connections (6+2 PCI-E) and 4 PCI-E cables.
My questions are:

  1. Connecting all 6 GPU’s with 1 (6+2 PCI-E) power cable each is not possible since there are not enough connections on the PSU or not enough cables. Is it safe/possible to connect 2 GPU’s to 1 power cable? Most rig building videos on the web use 1 cable per GPU which sounds much safer. Or do I need a secundary power supply?
  2. If I need a secundary power supply how can I connect both PSU’s to work correctly/simultaneously (start up/switch off at the same time)?

Thanks for your time and help in advance!

  1. Technically yes, wisely NO! What would probably happen is you would melt the wires inside the cables, which could lead to breaking the mobo or cards, or fire, living in the street holding a sign asking for money to rebuild your mining rig.

  2. you need something like this

Thank you CitricAcid for your clear and swift response! :+1: