Whats the ideal power supply?

I’m starting to scale up my mining and I’ve noticed PSUs seem to be the real bottleneck. I was wondering what some of you are using for larger scale rigs. I’m planning to only use EVGA 1080ti black editions as they’re working great for me.

I’ve noticed people seem to use the EVGA 1300W a fair bit but my question is this. I’ve noticed it has 6 PCIE connectors on it. So in my estimation you’re only going to get 3 cards on a 1300W power supply and run a lower TDP so they draw about 200W so I’d be using 600/1300W PSU. Am I missing something? I was thinking I could split an 8 pin to 2 6 pin but I know adapters are bad and tend to fail and ruin components.

I have decided to do one of two things.

  1. 1400 watt and limit my rig to 6 cards.

  2. go with connected power supplies.
    The only thing I have yet to research is if the 2 power supplies need to be the same company or same series.

Find a GPU that is a 8 + 6 pin

with a 1300w EVGA, factoring risers and running stock power, you can only do 4 1080ti GPU’s with it.

If you are undervolting say to 75% or less you should be able to do 5 1080ti’s or 4 and the mobo, processor, HD and fans and keep you in the sweet spot

Don’t need anything fancy. The master PSU just tells the slave to turn on. Just make sure you’re powering the entire card+riser on the same PSU. I wouldn’t mix em up.

I found that the EVGA 1600W does have 5 8+6. 1300 only has 2. I’d usually not want to use adapters but considering an 8 pin is 300W and I’m drawing 200W at the wall per card I’m comfortable splitting the 8 pin to an 8+6 on a few cards. Found some cables with decent gauge wire on em.

I’m planning to just do 5 card rigs for now. May do a 6th card but I’m limited to 15 amp breakers unless I start installing new circuits in the garage. I’ll do that at some point.