About PSU and Asrock H81 PRO BTC V2

Hello dear miners :slight_smile:

I am setting up 2 mining rigs and have simple questions. Thank you for your answers!

  • List item How much maximum Walt can I take from EVGA 1000W, is it something like%90 or can I take 999W for example

  • List item I will use PSU 8 pin cables to 4 pieces ıf RX470 seperatly, do I need to plug anything to H81 Pro BTC V2.0 PCIPOWER 4 pin slot?

Thanks again for your time!.

Yes you should plus in the molex connectors. I would't push it to 999 watts, you should be at around 88% on that bad boy with full load.. Meaning, I wouldnt go past 850 watts ( give or take ) on that with it constantly running like that

I'm using the same board and leave the 4 pin molex slots unplugged. All my cards use usb powered risers.

Mixmaster is correct and follow his advice, use both molex connections on board and also powered USB risers, these boards can manage 6 cards so leave yourself some upgrade path and buy a 1250w supply for each setup,the more you push these supplies to there max the less efficient they are and that's important when running 24/7 for years

Thank you all for replies.

I will plug MOBO 4 pin and also continue to plug VGA 8 pin cables.

I will make below setup

  • EVGA 1000W - 5 X RX480
    *CORSAIR 750W - 4 X RX470
    *ZALMAN 600W - 3 X RX470

To be honest, I would do x6 rx470, the hashrate between the two is not far off, you'll spend about the same BUT get more H/S and less power. IMO tthe 470 is best GPU for power/efficiency/ROI card on market

would say same. just 10 H/s behind the RX480 but costs 20-30€ lees and eats less Watt

Thanx, do you think X6 RX470 is ok with EVGA 1000W?

If you undervolt, should be, I know guys that mine ether with them and draw about 100-110 per card from wall then board and etc.. Should be around 750 too 800 :slight_smile: should be fine

Thanx again last question :slight_smile:

I have 3 MSI RX470 and 3 Saphire, anyproblem to work them all together.

Or can i mix them with RX480 in same rig?

No issues at all, lots of people do that... Just might get different H/S rate but not much :slight_smile:

Thank you Guys all! you all help a lot.

agree to that. 1000watt is fully enough for ZEC mining. But i would go with a 1200w PSU if you aim to switch to other currencies like ETH.

ZEC mining 700-800 watt
ETH mining over 1000watt

1000w would also be enough due to efficieny of the PSU but you have no room to play with overclock

I will let VGAs to work stock, I have wattmetre so I will measure and max to 900W.

Currently I can not get 1200W in my country it is extremely expensive.

so, dont loose time and buy a 1000watt one, but with gold or platinum efficieny :smiley:

EVGA 1000W is 80+ Gold
Corsair 750W is also 80+Gold

but Zalman 600W is not 80+ but it can take 3 RX470 easily.

You seem to have your mind set on a 1000 W power supply but I would suggest again to move up to a 1250 like I first suggested,mining software is improving every week at moment and with faster speeds comes more power used by cards,you will be at limits now, power supply is most important part of your build and better to have extra power in reserve plus they run more efficiently when not running max,you don't want to base your calculations around having to under volt each card to stay within limits,

Like many have said, I would go with a larger power supply. There is no need for the molex to mobile if you have power risers. However, I would be sure to have an separate molecular connector for each riser (located at the end on SAT 3x connector power cable).