Prevalence of Zcash FUD

I’m increasingly seeing on this forum, reddit, bitcointalk etc that exchange, pool, and wallet issues are blamed on the Zcash team and Zcash network stability. This is highly detrimental to the Zcash brand (and value of the coin). The FUD (whether intentional or not) is exasperating! I haven’t seen much of this with other coins e.g. ETH discussion on reddit doesn’t have quite the same level of paranoia. Any thoughts on why?

I can tell you why I thought personally there was a major hiccup in the network stability. I got my news from people on this forum. Zcash does not have news coverage like ETH. Understanding this is a relatively new coin, I thought this was normal to have a hiccup. But now I know different. Other coins have so much coverage while ZEC has almost none. That’s why whenever something happens, there’s mass panic. No one knows what is going on. IMO that’s what I think

I don’t fully disagree but the majority of the paranoia and “mass panic” comes from people not actually paying attention to the market as a whole. The big drop in ZEC was widespread and not just ZEC. For anyone paying attention, they would have noticed that nearly all coins dropped. Even with this current issue with the exchanges (and that doesn’t help by any means), the crypto currency market appears to be dropping. People are just wearing blinders and ignoring the whole picture while staring directly at ZEC.

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I agree people are narrowly looking at ZEC only. The only info people have about ZEC is literally just the price. There is nothing telling everyone as to why ZEC is dropping (instead of the whole exchange headache). I know that once there is a blogger or someone who can collect and provide accurate information, we won’t see this issue anymore.

Yeah, most of the conspiracies discount the fact that most coins are in the midst of a correction. Regarding the need for a blogger: I think we’re the community and can’t rely on a single person or entity to address the FUD (other than the ZcashCo). I’ve therefore become a grumpy curmudgeon, challenging conspiracy theorists and purveyors of misconceptions wherever I find them (or, more accurately, on this forum ;-)).

Haha props to you. All opinions make us a great community but we can’t rely on just this forum. Not everyone looks at forums though.

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