Whats going on with zcash?

Yesterday at noonish my time zcash was at $370 and i was like i need to sell now but i wasnt home so i couldnt. Sure enough when i get time too its at $270 and i look at the graph and its been declining. Is it just one of those random times it goes down and then back up or is something going on? Thanks!

imo, few things…

  1. it’s the end of the month people need to pay those fiat bills, and next month being december is an extra factor.
  2. $11,000 is a deebly psychological number. BTC was going to be rejected hard no matter what.
  3. temporary - we’re still bullish after dust settles.

(4. market’s are usually weak early AM EST)


The whole crypto world is falling - some down close to 30% in 24 hours. I’d say it is a bit of a correction after a huge increase in the last few months…


stop living the day and start watching the big picture. Market cap has never been higher.

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Not living the day, just explaining to the original post why ZEC has dropped. I think cryptocurrencies are currently at the year 2000 equivalent of the internet - meaning there is a huge amount of adoption to come.

quoting vitalik was 1999 :wink: