Something nasty on the zec networks?

Did you notice most of the pools crashed and in the same time the global hashrate raised to double?

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maybe there is the fork attack to delete 20% for devs?

This would be a stupid move by whoever did it. Development would end.

It’s because more miners are coming online, from all over. ZEC will take over market share from DASH and XMR. BTC next. #market on Slack is the better place for this discussion though.

The pool issues are from problems with large wallets with lots of zaddrs in them, patches are in the v1.0.1 source tree, I just dropped my pre-release of it, official zcashco release not until tomorrow or later after they finish code review and testing of all of them

paranoia much guys?

no pools crashed from what i witnessed, while suprnova’s web frontend dropped in/out due to 5000+ users bashing it relentlessly at once - his stratum didnt drop out once (youd never have both running on the same machine).

pure volume of user traffic.
also, there weren’t many pools offering z address transfers from the get go, majority was public/t-address.

given that there was no equihash stratum module at time of release (most pool operators just coded their own), i’d say this would have had a bit to do with it until they ironed the bugs out.