Price of operating ZEC (exchanges, wallets, or other online services)

This is my forst post, so hello everyone, and I want to say good job for all the work that have been put in ZCash so far!!

I have a question about the medium term future of the currency.

Today a large amount of crypto currencies transactions are done by service operators like exchanges and online wallets, especially for main street end users.

I just read a thread where it is confirmed that a JointSplit - which takes time - uses up to 4Gb of memory. I tested on a digital ocean server holding 2Gb of RAM and indeed, it crashes the daemon when I try to put some of my balance in a secure address.

If only ONE transaction needs such serious server resources and time, how can any services such as online wallets and exchanges be any profitable without charging considerably high fees?

Also, there was another thread about mobile usage. The iPhone 7 which is yet to be available will have only 3Gb of memory, so how is this supposed to work?

Just asking questions, I’m very interested in ZCash, sorry if the topic was covered already

Thanks !

Compiled the wallet uses less than 4GB.

Hum, I don’t understand what do you mean by “compiled wallet”. Is this different from compiling the source to get the zcash binary? Also, isn’t it the operation that’s taking memory, not the actual wallet?

Transparent transactions in Zcash have no more overhead than Bitcoin transactions. My guess is that future support from exchanges will focus on transparent transactions - and then it will be up to users to do their own protected transactions.

Ok I understand for online services.

But for the ZCash app on my iphone/android? :slight_smile:

4Gb won’t happen anytime soon… same for mobile untraceability?

There’s considerable scope to reduce the memory usage of a JoinSplit substantially.

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This is no endorsement but the latest iphone has 3GB of memory - although I have no idea how much (if any) of that is shared with the GPU. 4+GB phones will happen soon enough.