What wallet will you use?

Hi guys,

I am ready to mine but im not linux expert so I was hoping for a Cloud wallet or an exchange wallet to mine with. ( JAxx, Polo etc… )

Other than the linux wallet what other options will you guys use?

I would like to just start mining with my main Zcash wallet already configured.


What I’ve figured so far is that I am going to get an address from poloniex as soon as they start trading tomorrow. The only way to get an address right now is to compile zcash in linux and run it to get an address. There is a GUI wallet available but it is in linux and you have to have zcash installed. It is basically a wrapper to pretty everything up. It is really clean but I’m not using linux to mine.

Yeah I think thats what I will do also.

I will be mining, Burst coin and Zcash on my rigs.


We have just added Zcash ZEC support to the Cryptonator online wallet at https://www.crypronator.com.

Yet just deposit/withdrawals without instant exchange due to the exchange rates fluctuations.

Minimum incoming/outgoing transaction 0.0001 ZEC
12 confirmations required for deposit.


I plan on running a full ZCash node wallet on my own PC.

The primary reason for this choice? Online or web based wallets - someone else holds the private keys to your ZCash assets. This allows the wallet provider who holds the keys to “loan out” your assets. The ledger for your account will show that you have 100 ZCash. It may always look like there are 100 Zcash in your account - when in reality - your 100 ZCash may be loaned out to others (for a fee by the wallet provider). This can result in your ZCash being sold on demand by some other third party. You may think “so what - what’s the big deal?” The big deal is as miners or even buy & hold investors in cryptocurrency, we should want pricing stability or increasing price trends. Pricing stability will make those watching cryptocurrency on the sidelines more comfortable with digital assets. When is the last time you saw the dollar lose 50% of its value in a month? Plus as a miner, frankly I don’t want someone using my own assets to undermine my efforts.

So why a ZCash node? Control. I have the private keys. They won’t be “loaned” to others to allow a “short selling”. Increased ZCash price stability, increased adoption rate by the public and long term more profit in MY pocket. Also, my mining strategy includes holding what I mine for as long as I can. If everyone did this the Zcash value would increase in value over time as demand increases. Why risk someone else having control of your assets?

Run a FULL ZCash node.

ledger Nano-S or Blue… or trezor

hardware wallets are safer than even running a node, your keys never get on to your computer or device, they stay INSIDE the hardware wallet

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Nice thought. I will definitely check out the hardware wallets. I see the Ledger Nano S can even handle multiple currencies. Impressive!

Keep away from these

I also use zac4Mac node on Mac and Jaxx on iOS. Similar thoughts :slight_smile:

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Perfect example of why your funds private keys need to be held privately. I bought a Ledger Nano-S last night and plan to use my PC Zcash Node Wallet as short term storage and the Ledger Nano-S as a detached long term storage solution.

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One should also have a dedicated computer,laptop or iPad dedicated just for trade and storage. That tablet computer should not go to any other website except trade platform and have no other apps on it. It should also only connect to secure home wifi connection at all times. No public wifi connections should be used.

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I have read, that if U use software wallet, some file is being created in wallet directory (can’t recollect what file) and it is used by wallet. So, user can rename / move / crypto that file while not using the wallet. Therefore, if computer will be hacked, hacker / virus would not be able to steel anything. If user needs to use software wallet, just move that file back in directory.
… need to find that article and what file it is…

they even added another one in the last week, though the name escapes me at this second, ill post back when i remember LOL

Yes, any PC running a node needs to be harden against intrusion. The day is coming(if not already here) when malware and viruses will be looking for private keys to steal. Encrypting the key file is always a good idea. Just don’t forget the password you use. Even then - not totally safe since a keyboard logger could copy the encryption password. I think the best solution is the node wallet for short term storage and a hardware wallet for long term private key storage.