Radical “to the moon” thread


starting this new thread since “price speculation” thread is too cluttered! WEN MEWN???


So this thread is just for fun & silliness then ?? OK, I got plenty of that…


we’re only allowed to have fun in the wen mewn thread. people not having fun will not enjoy this thread!


Here’s some silliness to get things started


Some interesting read that may fit here, contributing a bit on the radical topic, lol.


Some more silliness :slight_smile:

T’was the week before Christmas, the market all red,
Bitcoin called once again, officially dead.
Bears running rampant, shredding the shills,
while a cold wind was blowing, spreading ill will.

Newbies were squealing, squeezed and in debt,
frozen in terror and totally rektd.
While hodlers of old didn’t seem much to care,
they’d seen it before, even the bears.

Paycheck arrived, so reloaded with cash,
it was time to go shopping, top up my stash.
While my good lady wife, with her face burning red,
screamed ‘Buying more Zcash, you’re soft in the head!’

Another day passed and it started to snow,
my good lady still saying, ‘I told you so’.
The markets looked awful, slipping away,
which gave me the feeling, today was the day.

Reddit was burning, Twitter ablaze,
noobs dumping everything, sobbing and crazed.
My buy order doubled while markets were red,
when my cash was all gone I went off to bed.

‘You gave Zcash for Christmas?’, she wasn’t impressed,
though she did look so good in that tight little dress.
‘You’re totally nuts, and as poor as a mouse’,
'so sell if you want, thats worth more than our house’


Wen mewn you ask? 2025 mewn, 2031 Mars and beyond.

(Mewn 5 figures +, Mars 6 figures +)


Heres a zs to zs benchmark on an old laptop amd A6 1.5 GHz 3.48 GB ram usable running 5 Resource monitors and VLC screen recorder
I hit send (bottom left) at the very start indicated by the first hard fault
Process begins at 13 secs and finishes at end 39 secs when window shows sent successful
(Point is its pretty old (like 10 years) and bogged waaay down and still only takes about 23 seconds)


Hey if youre bored, break troika, earn Euro-tokens (or Euros as the kids say!)


Not sure I could ever be THAT bored…


Theres always to rewatch!


Ok this is radical
Yall know I’ve been kinda going on about this meaningful-continuous-work-proof-of scheme, anyways what if one of the minable work loads (presumably most of that would be academia centered for scientists doctors researchers but maybe not limited to) was for law enforcement deep blockchain analytics (or other related things like forensics or ballistics)?
Its purely theoretical but what could they say then?! Says right on the wiki they did not develop the currency to facilitate illegal activity so what if mining it potentially helped facilitate stopping illegal activity? What could they say then?! Radical (maybe less tmnt more wtf but maybe not…!)


The great cybercoin rift

https://www.boardeffect.com/blog/ethics-vs-compliance/ (this applies more to corporations but still applicable)


this is pretty amazing! what happened to the canadian dollar?


Whoa, NAFTA related i guess

2019 year of the stable coins…:laughing:


chart looks the same for JPY/CAD, and CHF/CAD… hearing rumors it might’ve been an attack on CAD.




if anybody here doesn’t believe ZEC markets are some of the most manipulated markets in the crypto space - have a citrus farm to sell you in greenland!

to whomever is capping the market; enjoy yourself for a couple more days, because we’re going to eventually wreck you. time is now on our side!


Lol dude do you listen to yourself. If there is someone who is capping the market, then he is manipulating them to buy cheap.

So how will you wreck them, if they used last 6 months accumulating :smiley:


accumulation is the game. we go up it goes against the game plan. “wrecked” means not being able to buy cheap ZEC. [Moderation edit by @daira: personal attack deleted.]

side note - you post other people’s stuff like it’s yours on twitter. [Moderation edit: personal attack deleted.]


hahaha, get rekt!

I’d say small rally starts on saturday and on tuesday bloodbath (1st).