Zcash will be a big bloodbath within the first 2-3 years

I am interested in Zcash since years but these future contracts are just bloody crazy. People a buying these Coins (contracts) for 95 USD at the moment on bitmex.
(620 USD / 1 BTC atm)

Maybe some people should look at the distribution of Zcash over the next years and what zcash offers. I estimate that we will see low single digits within the next years and not 95 USD.



If you think that zCash will have 1/10 of the Market Cap that Ethereum had after 1 year. Which is not the least unlikely.

Then the price of 1 ZEC should be just short of $200 this time next year.


It looks like very interesting,
I will observe to it deeply:

Thank you very much by to inform to us.

sorry but: LoL :slight_smile:

Zcash “only” offers better privacy than bitcoin and there are already privacy coins out there and bitcoin itself will add more privacy features. dont bet your life savings…

Do you have any links about bitcoin adding more privacy features?

Yeah, that’s news for me too. what existing cryptocoin offers anything coming near to zCash? any protocols doing what zCash does that are in the way to get implemented? Also the idea of existing ubiquitous ledgers and protocols suddenly springing huge changes that break compatibility with old clients sound quite imaginary to me.

one way to have more privacy, but not as good as Zcash´s privacy. also search for CoinJoin.

but there are a couple of other ideas in the pipeline. you can do a Zcash sidechain (at least something close to it)
i dont say that Zcash has no value but far far lower than 100 USD per / coin in the long term.


after spiking to 10 BTC (“several thousand USD”!) yesterday, the BitMEX $ZEC Dec 30 futures contract now trades at 0.30 BTC.
from several thousands of USD to these levels in a couple of weeks…that is a bloodbath. ^^

Clearly everyone should be mining and not buying at this stage of the game. I think in the long term ZEC will trade at a premium to BTC for the privacy that it brings. Imagine you could mine, trade and spend in the dark without governments having the ability to see what you are doing or seize your assets… New world system…



i think you are dreaming here :slight_smile:

That’s Zcoin, not Zcash :slight_smile:

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“And my crystal ball says…”

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you are correct. correct one: down from “5000 USD” to “630 USD” atm.

still pretty lunatic (!) prices and low volume. i cant imagine that people actually buy this at the moment - crazy. the world is full of fools ^^


265 USD…

3 h later … 191 Dollar

I don’t think this exactly inspires confidence (the message about the bug):


my prediction is, that we will be below 100 USD in 2-4 weeks.


faster than i thought…next target: below 10 USD

I predicted under $100 as well. I think the chance we go under $10 is roughly 60-90%.

What do you think about under $1?