Price Speculation

Fact per poloniex

Reference Wallet news should happen soon (mid-Feb)… positive news coming at the right time.


Dann thats like Kansas

Its year of the stablecoin, make no mistake
People (in the US anyways) normally define legal ownership through possession of cash as “9/10 of the law”
Think about that
Their elitist system works just fine the way that it is already, this is a ploy to suck people back in to their crap because the brink ain’t far off
This made BBC world news

There is no link unfortunately.

This weeks update:

We got the reference wallet to send transactions, which successfully completes the MVP deliverable to deploy an application that someone can use to send and receive testnet Zcash. For the next sprint, we’re going to be cleaning up code and writing documentation in preparation for the reference wallet announcement at the beginning of March.


The world is flat, supported by an infinite stack of turtles

komodo(KMD) a zcash fork, has been having quite a ride recently specially since the bug fix announcement, up 80% since the most recent Low a month ago. Let’s see when zcash really picks up speed.


This is looking like a good start to the week :smile:


for some reason lbank does the same thing to QTUM. lbank’s been clipping our wings. honestly surprised lbank’s data hasn’t been stripped from the large reporting sites.

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Wow, someone else finally came to the same conclusion, was about time …

From the article:

My current conclusions:

  • Some exchanges (in our case specifically LBank) are creating fake volumes out of thin air. They don’t even make the effort to simulate orders. I perceive it personally as a basic rule violation. We put a trust on the blockchain and then major players are boldly manipulating important crypto-statistics. This puts a bad image on the whole industry…
  • The community blindly relies on the market statistics. It would be probably a good idea if coinmarketcap, coingecko, etc. could try to extract their own information…

Will it sustain through tomorrow?

Mpnero closing in on Zcash, will xmr price overtake zec?

Wouldn’t surprise me - I haven’t been following the ASIC release schedule (not actively trading), but as long as the big ASIC miners can afford to sell at these prices, I think ZEC will have a tough time making big moves (When they are mining to sell vs mining to HODL/use). If that changes, or Demand greatly increases, we will see some solid action in my opinion. Until then, it’s anyones guess as to where we will stand vs Monero (definitely see ZEC being worth quite a bit more than XMR 5 years from now).

Think we’ll be stuck under 50 EUR for a while yet, unless BTC goes nuts & pulls us through (which would be nice).


That’s why Charlie Lee said buy a full bitcoin before you invest in any other coin. I’am quite positive all the early investors into zcash also own bitcoin.

I own 0 bitcoin. Why do people listen to Copy&Paste Boy?

Seriously? 0 bitcoin? I always keep 50% of my crypto assets in BTC, but i admit i would gladly reduce it to 0 as well. Unfortunatly the time has not yet come to drop all BTC from a financial point of view…

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