"Privacy leak: wormhole service links transactions to user's PC and mobile IP address #212"

I came across this defect below and want to know if this a concern as its still open.
if its still open does it mean when using the ZEC wallet between the desktop and the mobile I risk exposing my metadata information ? This does not sound very secure to me .
Does this also mean the ZECwallet should not be used between a desktop and mobile client ?


“Privacy leak: wormhole service links transactions to user’s PC and mobile IP address #212

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Hi @aalfredo Zecwallet is an open source project. You are free to contribute code if you think there are things to improve.


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I believe this issue only applies to users that are using the ZecWallet Android companion app to remotely connect/control to thier home ZecWallet Fullnode. In that case you are opening a wormhole that connects you directly to your node and the app has to see both IP addresses to make the remote connection.

The Android companion app isn’t as popular anymore because ZecWallet lite now enables fully shielded transactions on mobile with no need to connect to your own full node remotely.


Thanks for the update and clarifying the issue .

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