Public beta of zec-qt-wallet Android app is here!

I’m excited to announce that the public beta of the zec-qt-wallet Android app is here! New in this version is the ability to connect your Android App and your desktop zec-qt-wallet simply by scanning a QR Code, and not messing with any firewalls, port forwards or usernames / passwords.

To get started, please see the README and download the binaries from the releases page

Here’s a quick video walkthrough:

Easy connections

This new feature, which is opt-in, uses a wormhole service hosted by zec-qt-wallet to route fully encrypted communication between your phone and your desktop zec-qt-wallet node. Here’s an illustration of how this works: More details here

To get started, please see the README and download the binaries from the releases page

Couple of things to note:

  1. The security audit is not complete, so please treat this as beta software. Use with small amounts of ZEC, or with the testnet.
  2. Since this is beta software, please send me lots of feedback by filling issues or leaving comments below.

It runs pretty smoothly, im gonna get some field testing in tomorrow, pretty nice dude!


How do I install it on my Android device? Will you have it on googleplay?

Can I get my private keys for both the t and Z addresses? <= that’s a critical thing!!

It will be available on google play soon. Right now, for the beta, you can download the apk and install it manually on your phone.

All private keys are available, and can be exported from your desktop using File → Export Private keys


The only real issue I seem to encounter is with (like you said) address selection, the recieve address became the send address (I suppose if you were using one address only it wouldn’t be a problem), otherwise pretty cool! :zcash:

Yea, address selection and maybe a pin protection (sorry im an awful beta tester! :sweat_smile:)
Bump up the thread! Bump it up!

This is good feedback. I’ll add some of these features next week

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