Zecwallet Lite for Android (beta) is here for testing

This is the first beta release of the Zecwallet Lite android app. Download APK:

It is a fully featured Zcash light client, that has support for:

  • Fully shielded transactions by default
  • Send and receive any-length memos
  • Send and receive to transparent addresses as well
  • Sync to the blockchain in seconds
  • Nearly every feature available in from the Desktop Zecwallet Lite client.

This is very much a beta release. If you find issues, please file them as bugs or feature requests.
The iOS beta is coming later this week.

Please remember to save your wallet seeds
The wallet seeds are compatible with the desktop Zecwallet Lite and can be recovered on the desktop via Zecwallet Lite or the Zecwallet Lite CLI


Download and install the attached APK to your android phone. It should work on any modern android phone. You might need to change settings to allow installation from unknown sources.



Like it, maybe later add password protection option for login and send🤓? other than that, good job🚀


Nice! Installed & ‘zent it some zats’ :slight_smile:

Idea… maybe incoming memos could appear as ‘notifications’ ? Popup messages, beeping & all that jazz? This is really neat !


Pretty cool. This is a big step.
Is it only using one z-address right now?

The wallet itself can have multiple z addresses and t addresses - I just need to figure out a good UX to expose them on the receive tab.


Not sure if you’ve addressed this yet, but in Zbay we just give folks a “generate new address” button, both for z and t addresses, that changes the one address presented to the user.

Our thinking (based on conversations with users) is that the main use case for generating a new address is privacy protection, e.g. you don’t want two external parties you’re transacting with to be able to figure out they’re transacting with the same person by comparing the addresses provided. So this solves that problem with the minimum amount of complexity.

I’d be interested in getting feedback on the pros and cons of this approach too!

The new z-addrs are diversified addresses, right ? If they’re not & you need to reindex/rebuild your node it’ll bog down as each zaddr needs its own scan of the blockchain.