ZCash4Mac - Sent zec to address provided in GUI, wallet still shows 0?

Admittedly, am new so please bear with me.

I downloaded ZCash4Mac. On the “Own Addresses” tab, I saw an address so I proceeded to exchange some LTC for ZEC to be sent to this address. It has been confirmed with >205 confirmations.

When I look up my ZEC address on explorer.zcha.in, it shows that address as having received the ZEC. However, the wallet on ZCash4Mac still shows a balance of zero.

Do I need to wait until ZCash4Mac is 100% synchronized in order to see my ZEC wallet reflect an accurate amount? Or, was I supposed to first create a T and Z address AND THEN send it to that address? Hoping my ZEC is not lost in the ‘ether’ : (

Yes. It needs to be 100% synced. You may see it before it’s fully synced but that’s not always the case. It just depends on how many transactions were after yours.

Since you just opened the wallet and just did a transaction, you most likely won’t see it any time under 99%