Problem with zcash4win, balance 0 zcash

Problem with zcash4win, balance 0 zcash
Hello community :grin: I have been doing zcash mining for a while, saving everything in a transparent address created by zcash4win, but at the moment of seeing the balance in this wallet appears 0 Zcash

Being that if I have balance saved in my address, apparently the information is not updated, verify it through and here if the real balance appears

Try to sweep the wallet through Coinomi, but says loading, the same thing happens with Jaxx when importing the private key, getting to wait 30 minutes and still nothing …

How can i fix this? :tired_face::cold_sweat:

is your blockchain 100% synchronized?

no, not yet, I have 60% synchronization

i think you gotta wait till its 100%…

Thanks, I’ll try it when I get 100% and I comment

now I see the balance, but the attempt to send and is not confirmed, the balance is paralyzed :hushed::hushed::hushed::tired_face::cold_sweat: