Zcash4win help lost zcash

I sent some zcash to my Zcash4win app on my computer, but my balance has never registered the transaction it still say 0.00
On the https://explorer.zcha.in/ using my same address it says the funds were received???

If anyone can help with this issue that would be great.

You don’t say where you sent the funds from. You also haven’t given the transaction ID. Not much anyone can do to help or give any sort of response to point you in the right direction.

Apologies for being vague.


is my address, the transaction was for 0.795 ZEC
It came from my bittrex account. All went as per the many other transactions I have done from there.

Added a jpg of my wallet

If your wallet is synced 100%, I’d say you need to get in touch with Bittrex.

As I was taking the screen shot I noticed I’m only on 41% have had it open to fully sync it, hope this will sort the problem.

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