Zcash Wrong Balance / Crazy


It’s been 2 days I am trying to run Zcash on my virtual Ubuntu 14.04 instance.
I installed Zcash 1.0 successfully and created some T and Z address.
Than I was mining on my GPUs for the first day and the mining pool did send me the payout to the TADDRESS indicated:

But somehow my balance was not updating. I though it might be a sync problem, I went to sleep and decided to try again this morning, and for my surprise my balance seem to have gone totally crazy. Now when I do a ./src/zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance I gota a total balance of more than 21 zcash. It would be great if it was true. But I am pretty sure it is not, because I have checked the Zchain for the mined address and they don’t exist on the blockchain. On the other side my real TADDRESS with the zcash mined from the pool display a 0 balance.

Do you have any clues of what might be happening?

I put some screenshots attached.


This looks mad indeed. To make sure the GUI wallet has not gone mad please try the command: zcash-cli listtransactions. If that also gives you the same list of mined cash… then something must be wrong with ZCash itself… or you are rich :wink: In addition the 0 network connections may be an issue.

Other measures that could be taken:

  1. Backup your ~/.zcash folder in case you need it later. Then try to spend some of the cash to see what error will be shown
  2. Check your system date/time - not to be to much out of sync
  3. Check what version of ZCash you have - maybe it is not the latest one - 1.0.0, for a test get/recompile the latest
  4. Check zcash.conf - to make sure you are not in testnet…
  5. If all settings look OK - you may report an issue to the developers: Issues · zcash/zcash · GitHub
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Also try ./zcash-cli listunspent

Hey Vaklinov,
Thanks a lot for your help.
I had already run the “listtransactions” command and the information was all there. It had no relation with GUI wallet whatsoever. The balance was there even before I installed the GUI wallet.
Anyway, I have tried many things, and recompiling from scratch did the trick. I was probably mining some old testnet and got rich there on the testnetwork… but the strange part is that my zcash.conf was pointing to the mainnet.
Anyway, now my real mined zcash showed up un my wallet!

Thanks a bunch!

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Swing wallet shows 0 connections. I wonder if you were mining your own branch?

Seems like you are building your own blockchain. Every block is mined by you.
Fix sync problem and it will work.