What is up Next?

I understand Zcon3 consumed a ton of energy from the core ECC, ZCG, and ZF staffers (and I personally want to acknowledge: That is the best set of media we’ve ever received to the Zcash ecosystem. Ever), but this is a thread to ask the general question.

What is up Next? To my understanding we’re the tribes wondering in the desert from the old testament.

Is the work to transition to Proof of Stake the next big milestone on the schedule?

Have we got interim product deliveries of interest?

Do we anticipate that the Posterity Fund debate and deployment will happen sooner than PoS?


QEDIT and hopefully YWallet with a ZECPages integration :wink:

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I hope PoS and the Posterity Fund are not going to eclipse development on recursion, more efficient trial decryption, faster sync for lightwallets, faster verification for zcashd, general greater efficiency, better wallets, better UX…


Great additional topics and they’re exactly what I hope this thread can shine light on.

What sort of priority and-or timelines do your list of items have?

Now that you mentioned it I think the implementation of Recursively Proofed ZKPs is probably next up for delivery (I recall an ECC engineer mentioning that Halo sets up the foundation for RZKP but doesn’t actually implement the feature). @ebfull @therealyingtong

On the publicly facing side of this, from Chris Tomeo at Zcon:

Is the end of this year the end of the project?
@nullius check your Mayan calendar