Proposal: Brazilian Privacy Alliance

Hello, Zcash community.

In our proposal, we request funding to boost PrivacyMap, a Brazilian alliance for the advancement of privacy.

We believe that building capacity through educational materials, outreach, and training for privacy leaders and youth are necessary steps to raise awareness and change the privacy practices of individuals and organizations in Brazil.

We hope to increase our efforts to make privacy normal, drive privacy initiatives and, at the same time, form an alliance of organizations committed to making privacy accessible to all.

We are very interested in hearing from the community about our proposal, as we intend to submit it in this new round of Zcash Minor Grants. We are open to answering questions and comments.

See the detailed proposal:

Title: PrivacyMap - Brazilian Privacy Alliance

Applicant name: @PrivacyMap



  • @PrivacyMap

Pitch: A one-liner elevator pitch version of your proposal
Our proposal aims to establish a privacy alliance in Brazil, training leaders and empowering future generations through educational materials and outreach to strengthen privacy awareness and practices throughout the country.

Applicant background:

@PrivacyMap Team:

  • Vitor Pio (@pio | LinkedIn): Cybersecurity and Privacy expert, founder of @PrivacyMap, speaker, and columnist on the Bitcoin Block news portal. Graduated in Computer Science, specialization in Cyber Security at the University of Colorado in the United States and in Information Technology, Communication and Culture at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina, he has been working for several years to advance the privacy scenario in Brazil.

  • Jamile Lima Pio (@mile | LinkedIn): Jamile is a psychologist with 10 years of experience in administration, communication, and human resources. She has worked with financial, tax, people management, and services, having been an internal consultant for some tech companies. She also currently supports PrivacyMap as a Public Relations Consultant and participates in a civil society organization (an NGO called Casa Hacker) that seeks to democratize access to technology for young people in vulnerable situations.


  • Speaker at Zcon Voices Brazil.
  • Partnership with Zcash Brazil until Dec/2023. Previous partnerships:, Odysee.
  • Participation in privacy, security, free software, and decentralization of the web conferences: Zcon4, DwebCamp, Zcon Voices, BitInRio, SatsConf, RoadSec, Ekoparty.


Some of our efforts to spread privacy:

Description of Problem or Opportunity:

Brazil has a population of over 200 million people, making it one of the world’s leading digital markets. However, while there is a growing reliance on technology, awareness about the importance of privacy and data protection is still in its early stages.

Despite the efforts made by @PrivacyMap with educational materials and open-source tools, recent advances in legislation such as the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) fail to cover the scope of privacy awareness and many Brazilians are still unfamiliar with the subject of privacy and therefore lack knowledge on how to protect their data.

This creates a significant opportunity for our privacy alliance (@PrivacyMap), which aims to educate and help organizations and individuals embrace privacy as a core value.

Together, we want to contribute to the advancement of privacy in Brazil by uniting the efforts of various sectors to promote it. This increased awareness will strengthen democracy, ensuring that citizens have control over their data in an increasingly digitized world.

Individuals will have greater autonomy in making informed decisions about data sharing, reinforcing their privacy and security.

Organizations, in turn, will benefit from people’s renewed trust as they adopt responsible privacy practices, which ultimately create a more ethical and collaborative digital ecosystem.

Proposed Solution: Describe the solution at a high level.

PrivacyMap alliance deliverables:

  • PrivacyMap YouTube channel: Support to continue creating free educational content in Brazilian Portuguese.

  • PrivacyHUB:

    • Creation of a free public Knowledge Base (text content) in Portuguese (can be translated later to other languages), with evaluation criteria and recommendations of applications focused on security and privacy aiming to educate and contribute to the advancement of privacy.
    • PrivacyMap for youth: Creation of materials to introduce privacy to young people.
    • Organization, collaboration, and participation in meetups, courses, lectures, and pro-privacy events.
    • Creation of educational materials with original content such as infographics, banners, posters, and presentations on privacy.
  • P2Privacy: Development of an educational program to train people in creating businesses (such as P2P) with privacy coins, such as Zcash, boosting entrepreneurship and fostering a sustainable circular economy.

Solution Format: What is the exact form of the final deliverable you’re creating?

PrivacyMap YouTube channel

PrivacyMap is a privacy awareness channel designed to educate and inform about data protection best practices and cybersecurity measures.

The PrivacyMap channel includes, for example:

  1. Educational Videos: We will present a series of educational videos that address relevant topics on privacy, personal data management, social media privacy and online safety. These videos will be accessible and easy to understand, making privacy awareness accessible to all.
  2. Guides: Providing detailed and practical guidance on privacy.
  3. Questions and Answers: Viewers will have the opportunity to submit their questions on privacy and data protection. We will hold regular Q&A sessions to answer questions and provide guidance.


PrivacyHUB is a comprehensive online platform designed to provide in-depth information and resources on privacy and data protection. It is divided into different sections and categories to make it easier to find and retrieve relevant information.

With PrivacyHUB, our privacy alliance seeks to democratize access to knowledge about privacy and data protection, empowering everyone to make informed decisions and implement responsible privacy practices.

Some key features of PrivacyHUB include:

  1. Guides: PrivacyHUB contains an extensive collection of guides covering a wide variety of privacy-related topics. These in-depth resources provide valuable information on privacy and cybersecurity best practices and more.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): PrivacyHUB includes a Frequently Asked Questions section where the most common privacy questions are answered in a clear and concise manner. This section is updated regularly based on inquiries received and privacy trends.
  3. PrivacyMap for Youth: PrivacyMap for Youth is an interactive and engaging educational content designed to teach young people about the importance of privacy and personal data protection with interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and resources for parents and educators.


The aim of the program is to foster the formation of entrepreneurs and new businesses in the P2P ecosystem, exploring opportunities and contributing to the circular economy. The training will be carried out in objective stages and with different resources, including creative uses for Zcash, as well as encouraging the use of privacy coins in different spaces.

Technical Approach

Dive into the how of your project. Describe your approaches, components, workflows, methodology, etc. Bullet points and diagrams are appreciated!


The Alliance will rely on contracted services and suppliers to support deliveries. PrivacyMap team is not dependent on other external entities.

Execution risks:

The PrivacyMap project is already active and the work has been subsidized mostly by Vitor Pio’s own resources and small donations. This brings a greater reputation regarding the development of the project and similarly reduces the risks of discontinuity.

Approval of the proposal will leverage existing work.

When talking openly about privacy and questioning practices of large technology organizations with security and privacy analysis, there is a risk of censorship and channel deactivation on large platforms, but today there is already a backup and redundancy structure for all content created on the blockchain of LBRY as well as the infrastructure of websites, emails, storage, etc.

Unintended Consequences:

Not applicable.

Evaluation plan:

  • Channel: Rate of Views and Unique views (YouTube and Odysee)
  • PrivacyHUB: Number of visits, Qualitative feedback, Likert scale, NPS (Net Promoter Score).
  • P2Privacy: Qualitative feedback


Please provide the total amount of funding requested for each major heading (Hardware/Software, Services, Compensation) with a detailed explanation regarding how that budget was determined. The total of these three sections should add up to the total funding request amount. The clarity of this section will enable the review committee to quickly understand your reasoning for the funding requested.

The “Compensation” explanation should include who is being paid, how much they’re being paid (hourly, monthly, full project, etc.), and how each compensation figure was determined.

Hardware/Software total budget:

  • Equipment maintenance: $22 monthly / yearly $265

Please provide justification for the total hardware/software budget: The amount will be used to replace/repare equipment that may be defective.

Services total budget (cloud, hosting, etc.):

  • Twitter Blue: $92 year
  • Canva Pro: $8 - month / 12x = $96 year
  • Budget for Ads: $800 per year
  • Host (website & e-mail): $8 month / $96 year
  • PrivacyHub Host: $96 year
  • Domains:
    • $9 / year
    • $30 / year
    • $9 / year
  • Designer Freelancer: $120 / month / $1440 year
  • Videomaker Freelancer: $150 / month / $1500 year

Total of costs: $4168

The amount will be used to maintain current services, expand the alliance’s activities on social networks, and deliver the activities described in this proposal.

Attend conferences

Please provide justification for the total services budget: Participation in events that promote the decentralization of the web, security, and the advancement of privacy in Brazil with the aim of publicizing the work of the alliance and reaching new partners.


  • Accommodation
  • Tickets
  • Transport

Total: $1450 year

Budget for the community (giveaways, quizzes, etc.)

  • 43 T-shirts
  • 3 personalized water bottles
  • 80 pens
  • 1000 stickers

Total: $635 year

Please provide justification for the total services budget: The amount will be used to produce personalized gifts for distribution at events and to the community.

Compensation total budget:

PrivacyMap Team:

Vitor Pio (@pio - $1300/month)

Responsible for analyses and reviews of applications, services, and devices related to privacy, in order to provide valuable insights to make informed decisions about digital choices.

Conducting research and in-depth studies on companies’ apps, privacy policies, and issues related to internet privacy, contributing to the dissemination of critical information and the search for safer and more private solutions in the online world.

Responsible for leading the alliance together with partners with the main objective of empowering people to protect their privacy and navigate with confidence in an increasingly complex and interconnected digital environment.

Responsible for the development and technical consultancy of educational materials on privacy and for leading and carrying out the activities described in this proposal.

Jamile Lima Pio (@mile - $750/month)

Responsible for developing communication strategies, awareness campaigns, and strategic partnerships to promote the organization’s values and goals of protecting individuals’ privacy.

Total proposed USD value of grant:

Total PrivacyMap team member compensation for 2023/2024: $24.600
(You will be paid out in ZEC based on USD market price at payout time.)

The total is up to $24.600 for 2023/24 - 12 months

Will the grant payments be made after the grant has been awarded (in up-front) or after the grant has been completed?

Grant payments will be made at the time the grant is awarded (i.e. in up-front). This is justified by the need to secure the financial resources to start new proposals and maintain current activities.

Currently, PrivacyMap already has audiovisual equipment such as cameras, microphones and lighting and these form the current structure of the project. However, due to the investment already made in equipment and dedicated time, Vitor Pio and PrivacyMap do not currently have sufficient funds to develop the points presented in this proposal.

Total amount planned for alliance development

  • $31,118 USD

The remaining amount for the development of the alliance will be financed through donations.

How was the project timeline determined?

  • The work will be done and delivered from November 2023 to October 2024.

How did you learn about Zcash Community Grants?

  • Through being active Zcash community members.

Application submission date:

  • September 2023


What does an organization benefit from participating in the alliance?

By participating in a privacy alliance, partner organizations will be able to directly contribute to the advancement of privacy in Brazil and position themselves to the Brazilian landscape as privacy-friendly organizations by helping to build a safe and trustworthy environment for the people impacted by the project.

Being a multi-organizational alliance, why should Zcash through Minor Grants subsidize all the costs?

The total costs will be divided equally among the member organizations that will contribute financially to the alliance’s mission.

With new associations and other donor organizations, we hope with each report to reduce the amount requested in this Minor Grants proposal.

Why develop a privacy alliance now in Brazil?

We are living in a unique moment for privacy in Brazil, for example, we have recently seen the publication of privacy laws and public testing of the Brazilian CBDC.

The LGPD (Brazilian privacy protection law) does not cover the scope of privacy awareness and many Brazilians are still unfamiliar with this topic.

Many companies and organizations in Brazil are still in the process of adapting to good privacy practices. Another example is the Legal Framework for Cryptocurrencies, which came into force in Brazil and has begun to regulate the cryptocurrency sector.

Historically, Brazilians are not proficient in English, which makes it difficult for them to access global discussions on privacy, technology, and cryptocurrencies.

We believe that through our work, training people will contribute to access to information and the promotion of privacy technologies, fostering a freer and more democratic web.

This has been my personal mission for the past few years and the approval of this proposal is one of the chances we have to do something big.

Do you have plans to expand to other countries and languages?

This proposal involves developing activities for a Brazilian privacy alliance. However, it may be possible to expand the activities to other countries and languages, mainly in South America.

Why is the alliance called “PrivacyMap”?

The initial idea of the project was to create a privacy alliance in which one of the educational materials created would be a privacy map, allowing people to follow their privacy journey.

Although we haven’t yet produced such a map, the name PrivacyMap was chosen to represent the alliance.

How does the alliance plan to measure and evaluate the impact of its activities?

We will use performance evaluation methodologies that are validated in the market, such as (the number of visits, qualitative feedback, Likert scale, and NPS - Net Promoter Score), which will be attached to the report on a monthly basis. With these tools and the opinions of the community and partners, the evaluation of the impact of our activities will be carried out on a monthly basis.

How does the alliance plan to maintain sustainability after the grant ends?

The alliance plans to maintain sustainability through ongoing partnerships with organizations, donations, and revenue generated by creating a network of members who will contribute financially to the alliance’s mission.

What strategic partnerships will the alliance seek to strengthen its activities?

We have a partnership with the civil society organization Casa Hacker and we are in the process of joining The Internet Society chapter in Brazil. We believe that partnerships with organizations and projects that defend a more private, secure, and decentralized Internet are crucial to the success of the alliance.

How will the alliance’s results and progress be communicated to funders and the general public?

The results and progress of the alliance will be communicated in a transparent and open manner. This will include regular reports detailing the activities carried out, targets achieved, awareness initiatives implemented, and impact observed.

Why is the proposed funding crucial to the success of the alliance and its activities?

The proposed funding is fundamental to maintaining the current structure and providing for the growth of the project, as it provides the necessary resources to initiate new projects, such as PrivacyHUB and P2Privacy.

It will also boost vital activities, including awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, technological infrastructure, and partnerships, allowing the alliance to effectively promote privacy awareness, achieve its objectives, and have a significant impact on privacy practices in Brazil.

Couldn’t these ideas be realized by the Zcash Brasil or ZecHub team?

We were inspired by the work done by Zcash Brasil and ZecHub to submit this proposal. We believe that we will help each other develop the projects, but we realize that our proposal aims to develop activities that are outside the scope of the proposals approved at the end of 2022.

We are open to opinions and comments from the community on our proposal.


Awesome. Used to watch you a lot on Odysee.

Is this for the minor grants program?

It looks like you’re asking for more than the maximum grant amount.


Hi @james_katz

Sorry and thanks for noting that typo. Our proposal is for Minor Grants.

We mistakenly added up all the estimated costs for developing the alliance and have corrected them in the proposal above.

The remaining amount of USD 6,518 to develop the alliance will be financed through donations.


Really like that…


That’s good! I like it!


Also, one more thing, Minor Grants payments are done in its entirety. There is no milestone based payments. It’s either all upfront or all upon completion. In your case it looks like you’re better of asking for upfront payment.

Good luck!


Excellent! I like it!


From Zcash Foundation Website on Minor grants:

Do grant applications have to be Zcash-related?
No. Any project that aligns with the Zcash Foundation’s mission is suitable for the Minor Grants program. We would especially like to attract grant applications that are not directly Zcash-related but explore broader applications of zero knowledge proofs or other approaches to financial privacy, in line with our charitable purpose.

I believe your proposal fits perfectly with the vision of the minor grants program.
I totally support your grant application, and from watching your content, I know you have the know-how and expertise to deliver not only the multi-media content, but also deliver positive results.


Thank you all for your comments.

I really see that we can make a big impact on the Brazilian privacy scene. And working together with the community, we will make this possible.

Once again, feel free to leave your questions, comments and suggestions for improving the proposal. I’ll be happy to answer them.


Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. I’m available to answer any questions you may have.


Happy to see more interest in education, thank you for wanting to help the ecosystem!

Was happy to see you on @ZecHub 's DAO call and hope to see you and your team more! It’s great that ZecHub has inspired your work. I think ZecHub, and Zcash Brasil are uniquely positioned to help with this, perhaps a partnership would simplify a lot of the work here :eyes:


Hey @dismad I’m happy to hear from you and thank you for the great conversation we had recently. I also see that for some actions we can partner with ZecHub and Zcash Brasil.

Today the project tasks are done by our team and occasionally by freelancers. For the future we will continue with more specific tasks with freelancers or through volunteers from the community and with people working full time on the project due to the responsibilities of the deliveries to be made.


Hello, Zcash community! :wave:

Tomorrow, at 11 a.m. PST, we will meet with the @ZecHub team to discuss the proposal to create a Brazilian Privacy Alliance.

We invite everyone to join us and bring your questions and suggestions for making privacy normal through our privacy alliance proposal.

:spiral_calendar: 09/13/2023 - 11 AM PST
:speech_balloon: Zcash Global


Hello Zcash community!

We have made available the recording of the open call held with the ZecHub team today 09/13/2023. We are available to answer any questions, suggestions or comments.

:video_camera: Watch recording on Internet Archive

The recording in the internet archive is still processing but there is an option to download the video file and watch it locally by clicking on “Download MPEG4”.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed with suggestions, questions and comments.

With them, we were able to adapt the proposal according to the community’s suggestions.

The proposal has been submitted and we are now awaiting the results.


Propuestas como estás demuestran la necesidad cada vez más apremiante de contar con espacios de información y educación sobre privacidad en Latam.

Necesitamos crear consciencia y ayudar en la adopciĂłn de la privacidad sin fricciones ni limitaciones en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida.

Privacy Map es un gran paso para que las personas en Brasil tengan un lugar al que acudir en busca de contenido que les ayuden a adoptar la privacidad en su vida digital.


Hello, Zcash community! :wave:

Tomorrow, at 4:00 p.m. PST, we will meet with the Zcash en Espanõl team to discuss the proposal to create a Brazilian Privacy Alliance.

The talk will be in Spanish and we invite everyone to join us!

:spiral_calendar: 09/27/2023 - 4 p.m. PST
:speech_balloon: Twitter Spaces