Proposal: New stage of Zcast, the Spanish Zcash podcast

Greetings, Zcashers and Global Zcash community!

We are very happy and excited to share with you this proposal for the new phase of Zcast, the Zcash Podcast in Spanish.

We are confident that we count, as you have shown so far, with all your support for us to continue informing and teaching you about Zcash, in Spanish.

We would like to know what you think about this proposal, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here are the details of it.

Title: New stage of Zcast, the Spanish Zcash podcast

Applicant name: @gordonesTV


What USD ($) amount are you requesting?

$24000 USD

Why is an upfront payment required?

The money from this grant will be used to defray payments associated with the pre, production and post production of the new 2023-2024 seasons of Zcast, the Zcash en Español podcast, as well as other expenses detailed below:

  • 2 GoPro HERO12 Black Creator’s Edition cameras + memory card: $1000 USD each.

  • Twitter Blue: $72 USD (9 months)

  • Canva Pro Team: $130 USD per year

  • Streamyard Basic Plan: $240 USD annually

  • Advertising + Zerch: 100 monthly - 900 (9 months)

  • Freelancer Video Editor: $50 USD per episode - $200 USD monthly - $1800 USD (9 months)

  • Roosevelt Compensation: $270 USD per episode - $1080 USD monthly (9 months)

  • Aura Compensation: $270 USD per episode - 1080 USD monthly (9 months)


Describe your grant.

After 4 months of starting the 1st season of Zcast, we can gladly tell you that the receptivity has been excellent! And it has far exceeded our expectations and those of the Zcash community.

Of course, I base our joy and desire to continue with much more of Zcast’s educational and informative content on the numbers achieved since Zcast’s inception in May 2023.

So far we have reached the following milestones:

+100 subscribers on YouTube

+2500 views on YouTube

+180 hours of playback on YouTube

+7600 impressions on YouTube

+65k impressions on Twitter (X)

+250 people connected on monthly Spaces

+14 countries listen to Zcast (Among them Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Mexico, etc.)

It has been more than demonstrated that the Spanish-speaking community is eager for information in Spanish about Zcash, that is why, unlike our proposal for the previous Minor Grants, we have decided to up the ante. The strategy in this New Stage of Zcast will be the following:

  • Increase the frequency of the podcast to 1 weekly episode (In the 1st season, which is about to end, the established frequency was biweekly).

  • Decrease the length of each episode. We have determined through polling of subscribers and community members that they prefer shorter content (episodes of no more than 30 minutes).

  • Bring more guests to the podcast (Subscribers and community members have asked us for more podcast guests to be interviewed).

  • Doing outdoor episodes. (We have also been asked to visit local businesses, venues or stores, and talk to people on the street to get their opinions in general about privacy, Blockchain technology and Zcash).

Our recent experience at Zcon4 showed us that the audience wants not only informative, educational and news content, but also wants to see live conversations with other non-Zcash members of the crypto ecosystem. This will allow us to spread more Zcash through third parties who are also influential in the blockchain ecosystem.

In this new phase of Zcast we will redouble our efforts to make more people aware of Zcash and learn about privacy, security and financial freedom.

With this grant we plan to cover the full costs of editing and producing 36 episodes in 03 new seasons.

In addition to the 12 episodes per season, there will be 2 complementary monthly training/information activities, one via YouTube Streaming, and one via Twitter (X) Space.

Stipulated start date: November 2023

Season 2: November 2023 - January 2024: 12 episodes.

Season 3: February - April 2024: 12 episodes.

Season 4: May - July 2024: 12 episodes.

Supplemental activities:

Season 2: November 2023 - January 2024: 3 YouTube Streamings + 3 Twitter (X) Spaces.

Season 3: February - April 2024: 3 YouTube Streamings + 3 Twitter (X) Spaces.

Season 4: May - July 2024: 3 YouTube Streamings + 3 Twitter (X) Spaces.

Please introduce the team that will be responsible for delivering the grant.

Roosevelt, responsible for the development of the topics to be covered in the podcast, as well as for the exhaustive review of the news and trends of the crypto ecosystem and the Zcash community, to capture, analyze and explain them in each episode. Also, Roosevelt organizes training activities and talks (in-person and online) about topics related to Zcash, blockchain technology and privacy.

Roosevelt, is a computer scientist by profession, 13 years of experience as a blogger and podcaster and web designer (he collaborated in the design of the Zcash en Español website). Enthusiast of free software and blockchain technology, he has 2 and a half years of experience in the crypto ecosystem, and has 1 year and a half as a moderator and volunteer contributor within the Zcash en Español community.

Aura, responsible for developing the communication strategies for the podcast episodes, editorial calendars, work team guidelines, as well as the topics to be covered in the Spaces and Streamings. Community Bulider in our digital spaces. Content creator for X, Shorts and everything that has to do with the graphic design of Zcast. Also, Aura is the creator of the Zerch, the Spanish Zcash merch used in the episodes and some of the t-shirts that the Zcashers used in the Zcon4.**

Aura, is an accountant and fiscal and tax manager with 10 years of experience as a blogger and podcaster, she is a speaker and has specialized in community building, as well as training and advising SMEs, brands and entrepreneurs. Aura worked on the design of the Zcash en Español website, and is also an active member of the Zcash community; she writes for the blog at Free2z and also on her own website (

We are both members fully committed and aligned with the goals of Zcash and with the need to spread, teach and inform more about its progress, development and gradual growth. As Venezuelans we know first hand the urgent need to talk more about freedom, privacy and dignity of people.

Thanks for supporting us! :pray:


Fully support!

I think Roosevelt and Aura have proven their value to the Zcash community

They’ve navigated the complicated political polarization that LATAM is going through and created a product that’s for everyone no matter which party they support.

They’ve learned their lessons along the way and are improving the show podcast to podcast.

I think the grant needs also a bit of funding for Ads because platforms are cruel capitalists :sweat_smile:

And also I would add a few sessions with a sound engineer that helps them take the audio to the next level, sound is hard to produce as well.

Go Zcast!


Thanks, Pacu!

Also, you will be in some episode of the next seasons of Zcast!

Let’s keep going! :muscle:

As a suggestion, I believe that both audio and video in a videocast need to be of high quality. As for audio capture, I think it would be interesting to add microphones.

At PrivacyMap I’ve used some models such as SONY ECM-CS3 and more recently Fifine K658. As for the GoPro that you added to the proposal, I think it would work well too.

If you guys want some tips, let me know.



Thanks for the recommendation. We currently have the Rhode brand wireless ones, which we purchased at the previous Minor Grants.

With those for now we can provide excellent audio quality.

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We hadn’t considered the sound engineer, but we have him!

My brother, who by the way is a Latin Grammy winner. He will surely give us a hand

Thanks for the suggestion!


¡Gracias Pacu! Sin duda alguna queremos seguir trabajando en pro de la comunidad. Nos encanta leer tus sugerencias. ¡Vamos con todo!

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Zcast has become an obligatory reference for all zcashers to be updated on information and what’s happening in Zcash, and the analysis and opinions are fresh and direct!!!

We want more Zcast!


¡Claro que sí! :muscle:

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Zcast has been instrumental in spreading Zcash in the Spanish speaking communities, but also in the adoption of new members.

The Zcast team has understood the need to inform, educate and help in the global adoption of Zcash, so their proposal has no nationality and is global.

They are achieving an excellent first season and the second one has the purpose of projecting even more Zcash throughout the Latam region, seeking a wide reach of the message of financial privacy with Zcash.

Zcast + Radio Z will be two projects with two fundamental strategies for the next 365 days to break the communicational, informative and educational barriers of Zcash in the global Zcash community.



Zcast + Radio Z, I LOVE IT!


Yeah! Go guys! Hope to see those upgrades soon!


Working as a ZecHub core contributor has given me the opportunity to see first hand the work being done with this team. Speaking for myself, I fully support this proposal. Good luck!



We are honored by your words.

And we continue!

Thanks, bro!

Go, go, go! :muscle:

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Is it



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The amount requested is USD 24,000

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Gotcha. So you’re asking for less than the total costs? Nice.


Just a little, taking into account that prices, at least for the required equipment, fluctuate in our country. All other costs are fixed.

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Zcast is a spectacular podcast, it has kept us up to date with a lot of information about Zcash and I look forward to watching more seasons of this podcast, Full support! :zebra::+1: