Proposal: Zcash Africa

This grant seeks to continue educational activities centered around Zcash in Africa particularly in Nigeria and Ghana . We believe that promoting knowledge and understanding of privacy-preserving technologies, such as Zcash, is crucial for empowering individuals and communities in today’s digital age. Our previous efforts have yielded positive results, and we are eager to expand and build upon our successes.

Zcash Ghana

Recently we witnessed the birth of zcash in Ghana which was a fallout from the meetups and events that took place in Nigeria which had in attendance some Ghanaian students that came for an exchange program in Nigeria, the zcash community in Ghana was able to host its maiden event.

Part of this grant will go towards carrying out more events in Ghana to continue to build and nurture the community.

  1. Five In-Person Meetups across different Universities in Ghana: These meetups will serve as interactive forums for students, faculty, and industry professionals to engage in discussions, workshops, and practical demonstrations related to Zcash and its applications.
  2. One Large-scale Event (100+ attendees): This flagship event will bring together a diverse audience, including students, researchers, entrepreneurs, to provide a comprehensive overview of Zcash, its technological underpinnings, and its potential impact on financial privacy.

Zcash Nigeria

Zcash Nigeria have been engaged in educational activities taking the privacy message to institutions of higher learning, we also saw a growing interest from people who are requesting to have zcash events and meetups in different regions in the country, some proteges have also emerged and have been able to host events in different parts of Nigeria, they received support from zcash Nigeria which was made possible from the ambassador monthly stipends, we wish to continue to support events in different regions of the country through this grant. Some of the past events.

Part of the grant will be used to host more activities in different parts of Nigeria

  1. Five In-Person Meetups across Universities in Nigeria: Similar to the Ghanaian meetups, these events will facilitate knowledge sharing and hands-on experiences with Zcash technology

  2. One Large-scale Events (100+ attendees): These events will serve as platforms to engage a wider audience and explore advanced applications of Zcash, including its relevance in the Nigerian financial ecosystem.

  3. Business workshop: this meetup will be strictly for business owners, we will invite only business owners to come learn about how they can start accepting zcash as a form of payment and the benefits

  4. Additionally, we will sponsor another football tournament in Nigeria to engage with a broader demographic and foster a sense of community around our educational efforts.

Building on our past achievements, our previous sponsorship of a football tournament in Nigeria was highly successful. Our team not only participated but emerged victorious, showcasing our commitment to not only promoting Zcash but also becoming an integral part of the communities we engage with.

The Competition will kick off on the first week of december and run till february 2024 and its a great opportunity to spread the message, because it is during holidays and festive period, there will be spectators from virtually every sector, part of this grant will be used to provide the team with zcash branded jersey, provide stipends in the form of allowances and encouragement for the players, also a part of the grant will be used to produce handbills and posters explaining what zcash is and how to get involved , these materials are handed out to spectators during the matches.


  1. Meetups in person events - $7000, a total of 13 meetups across Ghana and Nigeria. Funds will be used for

swag/merch production for the events

Production of banners for the events

Renting of venues

Renting of equipments

Local marketing


  1. Community football competition - $2850.

We expect to play a minimum of 6 matches, funds will be used for

Custom jersey production

Match stipends allowance

Card fines


Production of zcash handbills ( handbills will contain guides on how to get started with zcash, resources from zechub dao, Qr code to download Zingo wallet).

Grand total = $9,850


Chidi is proudly serving as the Zcash Global Ambassador for Nigeria and a Board member zechub Dao. With a wealth of experience in organizing, coordinating, and hosting Zcash meetups and events, I have been at the forefront of cultivating a thriving Zcash in Nigeria. My passion extends beyond gatherings; I actively engage businesses, facilitating their seamless transition to accepting Zcash as a trusted form of payment.
In my commitment to driving Zcash’s expansion in Africa, I played a pivotal role in the establishment of Zcash Ghana, a testament to the growing enthusiasm for zcash in the continent.
Twitter (X) @zcashNigeria

Martins Ozo is ui/ux designer assisting in designs, logistics and coordination in zcash Nigeria

Evergreen YAw is the lead at zcash Ghana community, leading the effort towards zcash awareness and adoption in Ghana, he is a Tech evangelist, movie producer, director and experienced writer .
Twitter (X) @ZcashGhana


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