PSA - is most likely a scam

You may have noticed that Z-mining threads are popping up every 24 hours ‘comparing’ their ‘service’ to other cloud hashing providers. is most likely a SCAM, and they have had multiple sock puppet accounts banned in the last month.

DO NOT invest with them without doing your own due diligence, They claim to be ‘an old cloud mining company’ and ‘industry leaders’ but the domain is 3 weeks old, the ‘owners’ are anonymous and there is zero proof that they own hardware or software.

If someone from the Z-mining team would like to argue otherwise I will happily update the post, but please stop posting from new users every 24 hours, it’s annoying and does not further your cause.

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If you try to go to their website now, all you get is a “parked domain” notice from GoDaddy. So, they either took the Bitcoin and ran, or they’ve got DNS problems.

I’ll take ‘took the Bitcoin and ran’ for $200 Alex. And if my post saved some money from being scammed, even better.