Psst - did you know ECC has a new events calendar?


Who is Coindcx? (Sry if I missed that somewhere else)

It would be great if I could subscribe to it (like a Google Calendar etc).

Exporting to iCal is nice but subscription lasts forever and autoupdates.


1 Like - CoinDCX is India’s largest crypto exchange. They list Zcash and we are doing an AMA with them next week.


I think you can.

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That calendar plug in works for me on Brave. Perhaps it’s your browser?

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I was referring to the events page, not the individual events.

If I could be able to subscribe to the events page, then all events would automatically sync as soon as the page is updated.

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Ahh - I see. I’ll forward that comment to our web wizard Ryan and see what’s possible.

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has this calendar ALWAYS been there?

it’s new as of 15 days ago!

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