PSU for GTX 1070

Hello i’ve bought zotac GTX 1070 , and i want to ask you guys dose this PSU is ok for Them.

For 2 graphic cards i want to use Corsair VS550 (550w)
One of those PSU will have to also power motherboard SSD and CPU.
Is it enoguth cuz i couldnt find any TDP of gtx 1070 in net thats why im asking you.
Soo each rig(12 gpu total) 6 PSU Corsair VS550

Before I answer your question. I need to know your breaker size and operating voltage.

Your question is too simple. I just want to make sure your system can run safely.

I wont overvoltage them , and i will do standard OverClocking like people recommend on forum.

He means you mains AC voltage.

its europe standard 230V

I have several computers running 7 1070s and the computer on a single 1000w PSU. Here is the trick. Don’t load the cards until you have reduced the power running to each card. I also have several Zotac cards, but it depends on which one you have as to underclock the cards. The ones with a standard overclock need to be underclocked more. If I were you and you haven’t bought the PSU, I would just buy 2 1000 watt PSUs for your computer or you could do 1 1000 and 1 850. I could replicate your setup with 1 850 and 1 750.

Oh and just so everyone knows, a reputable 550 watt PSU will give 550 watts to the computer. Probably more. But it will pull more than 550 at the outlet.

I was thinking, you might go with a 2400 watt 220v server PSU. You could EASILY power your computer with that and it will be SO much less expensive. Got to get to profitability quickly these days.

Running 7 1070 on 1k power supply is a potential fire hazard.
If your oc software ever fail to start or start after your mining program, you will overload the psu.
Hopefully it’s on a 10A breaker @ 120 VAC. So it can potentially fail “safe”.

I wish I have a 230 VAC outlet.
Your system would need 12x150x1.25=2250W from your outlet to run safely.
Edit note: changed 250 to 150 in the formula above. I for got 1070 is 150W.
The 1.25 in the calculation is to include some case fans, CPU, Ram, PSU efficiency.
Edit note: removed stupid ass claims 100% load. Just read posts below.
Your breaker rating should at least be 13 A. (2250/230/0.8=12.2A).
80% is the USA National Electric Code, meaning breakers and cables were tested to operate at 80%. It could work above 80%, but they are not guaranteed for 24/7 operation. I’m not sure if it’s the same in Europe.

Define reputable 550 watt.
Let say some how there is a vender that magically allows 80% efficiency at 100% load.
That’s 550/0.8=687.5 W from the wall.
How can you pull 20% above the output and still operate safely? Please provide a vendor manual, I have to see it to believe it.

You are using 250 watts so I assume that is for each video card. How about the pcie risers? They take from 40 to 50 watts each. Why 1.25. Open rigs don’t use pc fans. And 100 watts should be more then enough for cpu, ram and motherboard.

Just read how the rating system works.

It is designed to provide 100% of rated power… That is how they are designed. Output is measured at the PSU not at the outlet. I only use Platinum or Titanium rated supplies. The point of going 80% is to improve efficiency. Most PSUs will go above the rating for power, it is just that they aren’t designed for it. Output is measured at the PSU not at the outlet. The point of going 80% continuous on a breaker is to provide a cushion.

I will also add that any power instability causes an instant hard crash with the computer. That takes the draw back down. These aren’t a high amp electric motor that can keep going. The slightest issue leads to a hard crash.

I have found that the nonGPU components draw at most 70 watts, but usually closer to 60 watts. I budget for about 80 watts in my builds. That having been said, I have a CPU, MoBo, RAM and SSD being powered and that is all of my nonGPU draw.

So what video card you basing your 250 watts on? 1070’s are 150 watts for like a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X. But a Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Xtreme are 250 watts. GTX 1060 base OC is 100 watts. Just curious. And the pcie risers how do you figure those into it?

Forgot it’s 1070 lol. Should be 150 instead of 250. I assume people use case fans to keep the air circulating. It helps with the temp.

Thanks for the info. I always thought the PSU ratings are for input powers. Guess I could have picked up an vendor manual for my EVGA power supplies.