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Hello Zcashers,

Kevan here, I have 5+ years of experience in marketing and 2+ years in Web3. I’m from India and a big fan of Zcash and the privacy movement.

As a fan of Zcash, it hurts me every time when I see other ZKP projects gaining traction and community members, it’s not that I don’t want other projects to do well. But I know that people will love Zcash and what it stands for, we have a vibrant community that welcomes everyone and engages in a good discussion. Like we are best-best (Love to fellow members).

So I want to change that one person at a time, how do I do that? I’m going to scrap(Ethically) all of Twitter and Reddit for keywords like “Zero-Knowledge proof, Privacy coin, (Suggest more possible keywords)” and reply to them personally. Starting with 10 replies/day, it’s a small effort but the best I can do.

Why do I feel this is the best effort I can do?

  • I love the current marketing messaging but I feel there is some work required. There might be some gaps in the messaging that we do not know about.
  • We need to test different messages, we need to do research and see what is working and what is not.
  • I feel scraping Twitter and Reddit will give me enough data over time to create an in-depth report of community sentiment, and messaging and provide a better understanding of the ideal Zcash user.
  • This will help create better marketing campaigns in future.
  • This will also give me great ideas for content around Zcash, so there is a possibility of starting a very relevant, value-proving blog.
  • In future I may look to do a survey/interview 100 new Zcash users to better understand the market.
  • Now meanwhile all these are happening we will be onboarding people into Zcash 1 person at a time.


  • New members onboarded - I’ll create a landing page or a post on the community forum where new members can jump on to get more information(mid-funnel sort of thing - happy to engage in other ideas).

What do I need from the community?

  • Honest feedback about the idea? If the Zcash marketing team can comment on their views on this it’ll be really helpful.
  • Contribution. Are you a writer who wants to contribute? can you make videos? can you reply to a few Tweets or Reddit posts? please feel free to connect.
  • 20 Fun facts about Zcash.
  • Keywords that we can target to scrape(Ethically) - remember we’re targeting only new users who have not heard about Zcash.
  • Ideas - What would be a fun experience for new users?

Note: this idea is at the ideation stage, I’ll consider community feedback and then make my decision.

Edit 1 - About making the onboarding experience fun for new users and the landing page.

Idea - Create a Landing page with a book called Zcash for 5-year-old - 10 to 15 pages and 2 to 3 lines on each page. Once a person has finished through pages they get to play a Quiz(or some other gamification). Here we can add some rewards as well to incentivize participation, getting them to use a wallet and better understand the knowledge.


Cool idea! Only thing I would wonder is how receptive people are to the responses.

I like that you mentioned personally, because you don’t want to come off as a potential bot :laughing:

WRT content, ZecHub and @Autotunafish have created some good content that is easy to share. best thing for twitter is finding tweets that contain the media and quote tweeting it in your responses.

What if you changed the key word search from ZKP/Privacy Coin to something related to spending crypto and/or stablecoins?

IMO the ZKP/Privacy crowds likely have interacted with Zcash. Maybe this is an opportunity to introduce the tech to other crypto-communities that want to use something for payments.


I’m biased but I suggest thinking outside of Twitter, it is not built to bring new information to its users.

Reddit is probably a better option to spread information, especially in more general subreddits like r/Cryptocurrency. More opportunity for a non-Zcasher to “stumble into” Zcash materials, if you’re willing to battle the Monero trolls.

Based on my experience with both Twitter and the Fediverse, I feel like my network on the Fediverse is far more diverse than the one on Twitter. That more diverse sample has shown a fairly negative perception of crypto in general, even among people that advocate for freedom and digital privacy. In my opinion, this is driven by the generally negative coverage of crypto that mainstream media provide followed by the lack of positive coverage anywhere else.

If we want to grow the Zcash community, we need to fill this gap. We need to have content highlighting how Zcash is helping people, how else it could help people, and make sure the content is not created just for us. Sure, I’d love to listen to a podcast with a deep dive on the folly of the SEC’s actions but my aunt just reads the headline as “Government sues crypto” and swears to never touch it.

We need a lot more Naomi Brockwell-style content to counteract all the Molly White-type stuff already out there.


Hey @skevan2. Join the ZF A/V Club on Discord. I have a feeling that we can help each other. :zebra: :zcash:

I second this point about Reddit. That platform is excellent as a landing page for newly interested Zcash people (along with this forum… however this forum is not aesthetically pleasing or designed to engage newbies). The reddit Zcash is currently very empty of regular content, so I’d be happy to see more energy being invested over there.


Joining the Discord, thank you.


This is what the Zcash wave is missing:

Like, retweet, tag your friends. It’s so simple and works so effectively for distribution. It’s something we’ve always ignored, because we’re above all that nonsense. But then we shouldn’t be surprised that ZEC is looking like a shot white crow in the cryptocurrency market. The funny thing is that we even have the resources to do this, but we still ignore such simple things.


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