Public Review, Application: Arti: a pure-Rust Tor implementation

Hello everyone,

As a followup to nickm_tor’s post on the forum in March, and the great discussion that followed, we (meaning: the Tor Project!) have submitted a formal application to ZOMG for funding consideration.

We are sharing this news here on the forum, as it is now open for review: ZF Grants - Arti: a pure-Rust Tor implementation for Zcash and beyond. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks again for your feedback!

Al (they/them)


I’m tagging @ZcashGrants and @nickm_tor here, since I wasn’t able to in my main post per the two-links-for-new-users restriction.

Hi @alsmith welcome to the forums :relaxed: , I have bumped your trust level so you should no longer have the new user restrictions.