Proposal review: Arti, a project to rewrite Tor in Rust: onion services and beyond!

Hello all!

On behalf of the Tor Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, I am very pleased to submit for your consideration a grant proposal to ZCF: Arti: onion services and beyond!

We’re looking forward to your review and feedback.

(I notice that the formatting on the new Zcash Grants Hub has made the paragraph spacing of our proposal a bit wonky, I apologize for that!)

Tagging @nickm_tor and @ZcashGrants for visibility.

For further reading:

PS - If Tor + Zcash are of interest to you, please be on the lookout for the Tor Project’s Executive Director Isabela Fernandes at Zcon3, where she will be speaking about advancing human rights with Tor & privacy tools!

Unfortunately I won’t be there, but I will be at DEF CON soon after if you’re remaining in Las Vegas and would like to connect and discuss Tor + Arti + Zcash.

Thanks for reading,


Hi @ZcashGrants, I reviewed the notes from your recent meeting and conversation about this proposal.

We have answers to many of the questions raised in the notes, and we can some provide some other context that may be useful. I’m happy to write these answers in this thread or to schedule a call with key Tor folks if either are appropriate.

Otherwise, we look forward to hearing more after your Aug 22 meeting!

@alsmith and Zcash Community members, at the most recent @ZcashGrants meeting, the Committee has unanimously voted to approve this grant proposal!


That’s great news, thank you @decentralistdan for letting us know and for @ZcashGrants for your support!

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During the previous grant, the @ZcashGrants Committee wrote a press release and helped to promote this grant to raise awareness about ZCG and its commitment to privacy + the Arti project. I’d love to support any efforts like this again!


Thank you for letting us know about the press release. We will discuss and follow up with you.


Great, thanks.