Question on mining block age

Following the blockchain I found an address starting with t1a that consistently reports new found blocks that can go as high as 36 minutes when reported. How is this possible? Has someone found a way of saving previous found block with a lower diff that reports it when the diff goes down? I don't even know if that is possible. Waiting on the experts opinion ty

Post your findings with examples.

the diff went down and there you have it 4 blocks poping up at about the same time even though they show as being 1 hour old

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2 more at 36 minutes old

and another

by the way, after analyzing the reported hash on several pools it appears flypool with 40% or nicehash with 20% of the total network hash appears to be the only capable of generating so many under diff blocks. This problem is nothing new just don't understand why old time stamped blocks are allowed on the network. Whoever is doing it is holding blocks by default and never showing a block earlier then 6 minutes. The block dumping jacks up the diff placing smaller pools and/or independent miners at a disadvantage. This article talks about it