Sol all over the place

I’m relatively new to mining, but over the past month or so things have been stable. I am mining on Flypool and yesterday (5/23) I noticed my average and current hashrates were all over the board.
I was consistently in the 680-750 range, but now it goes from 400-1100 and the peaks and valleys are up and down every couple of hours.
At first I thought it was the Clock speeds (+100 base, +650 memory) but changing that didn’t make a difference. I checked the TDP, previously at 60% and then moved to 70% and no change. I noticed I was getting more “devfee” and put --fee 0 in the code and that seemed to smooth it out a little bit, but only for a short time.
I have 4x 1050ti FTW, small beginner rig.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Did it affect your average mining reward in the last 24 hours ?
It could be that in the valleys the pool didn’t find many blocks and vise versa with the peaks.

It looks about the same for the last 3 payouts, so what you said makes sense. Thanks

Yah. It will even out. When the valleys are low the peaks are high.
I’m a big fan of nanopool. I feel I personally make a little more and a bit more consistent.
Good luck

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Flypool has changed 2-3 days ago how submited shares works. As before one submited share was equal to one share on pool. But now one submited share is approximately 8-10 shares on pool.
Also as you are saying current and also average hash rate now have much more ups and downs.

Mine is a lot more varied than normal. It usually stays pretty flat, but that changed a few days ago.