Hi, I've been mining Zcash now for many years from GPU Rigs (24) to now ASIC miners (4)

As the name of this topic, I have been mining for years and I don’t think I’ve ever found a block for myself. Now this could be because I do not monitor it well enough (I now use Awesome Miner for my z15 ASIC’s), or I just have never found and solved one.
Is there a reason why this would occur, I kinda feel like it’s something I have configured wrong or something; If anyone can help me understand that would be great! Cheers.

That’s because it’s a competition to find blocks where the key is speed and computational power. It’s a race to find a solution and the first to find and submit it to the network wins the reward. It’s not completely infeasible that you wouldnt find one solo mining but the odds aren’t great, I would definitely ssuggest a pool.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I should have beeen more specific; I’m using SlushPool already. Any ideas?