I need help getting started

So, I’ve been attempting to understand how I am supposed to mine Zcash for a while now, but I just cannot wrap my head around it. I have installed Ubuntu, downloaded the zcash files from their website and followed their beginners guide but can’t seem to figure out how I’m supposed to set it up and start mining. I was planning on using EWBF’s CUDA miner since I have a GTX 1070, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to mine using that instead of the built in miner that seems to be built in… Another problem I have is that even though I followed the zcash installation instructions all the way through I was only ever able to run it once without mining. After that It’s not possible to start it simply because the directory doesn’t exist.

I may just be terribly slow, or I’m missing something obvious. Any help is appriciated…

Do you have a Windows 7/10 64-bit computer? If so, use that instead.
The “sprout” Linux guides are for people running pools or nodes. You don’t need it for GPU mining.

For easy mining, run the EWBF miner under Windows. There’s literally only one line you need to modify, and that’s just so you can enter your own ZCash address and configure a few other things. Watch this video: EWBF V.0.0.8b ZCash Nvidia Cuda Miner for Windows GTX980ti ZClassic ZEC ZCL - YouTube

If you already have a fully configured Linux machine, same idea, just run the EWBF Linux version and ignore the “sprout” guide (unless you want to support the node community, which is cool too but will not earn you any ZEC).

You’re going to need a ZCash wallet. I do not trust the desktop ones yet, I use Kraken for now.

Thanks for the reply!

I managed to suddenly understand how to GPU mine, mot even kidding I just suddenly understood how to use the miner. So I’ve been mining overnight in suprnovas zcash pool. Hadn’t figured out the wallet bit yet so I simply disabled auto payments from the pool.
I’m going to check out kraken, thanks for that tip!

(I’m completely new to mining, which might explain why I couldn’t figure out what to do at first…)

I know several people here have mentioned using an exchange wallet such as Kraken or Poloneix, but I’d suggest using something else if you don’t plan to trade your ZEC for something else…

I’ve received warning emails from Poloneix saying that the account/wallet should not be used for depositing what you mine…

Keep your zcash on suprnova and set an amount like 1 zcash to automatically transfer to exchange and you will be fine,exchanges don’t like and are not setup to receive lots of micro payment.

Alright that seems like a plan. I’d rather use a desktop wallet but I guess an exchange works for now.