Radical “to the moon” thread


This is a link to coincenters mailing list, it also has some interesting links you could prolly find on the main page
This is really cool too https://mobile.twitter.com/StreetsConsult/status/1088414959451680769

(The oxymoron that “zero-knowledge approach” implies “very well informed” is quite amusing!)


Have read some tweet: “if Samsung integrates crypto to Galaxy S10, I think it may have a bigger impact than ETF and Bakkt combined.”
I like that thought, because of millions of users who are going to buy that phone.


Yes I also believe it will be huge


This is old news, but suits this thread and that would be nice landing on the moon.


Oh we know about this one! That 62k constitutes only what 1% of the worlds wealth equals


6 days later it seems my prediction came absolute true, : Price right now: 0.01443366 BTC .

Sorry for all that took a bet on 0.017+ …

Price Speculation

this can go a lot lower. there was a spike down to 0.012777 on binance last september which ZEC might be heading to mid term.


update, 0.01434130 ZEC/BTC allready, 100% the predicted range. Damn, would have prefered to be wrong to be honest…




Its Sunday, market looks like a dying mans blood pressure, must be time to buy some more.

…hang on, didn’t I do that last week? Deja vu…:wink:


with zcash falling like this there will be lot of déjà vu moments. You will start believing you are an oracle…:slight_smile:


Not sure about ‘oracle’. I just strongly doubt the price will never exceed its current level - plus I’m excessively patient with projects I believe in.

Sooner or later, either will do for me :slight_smile:


difficulty to the moon.
when will we see price to the moon?


until large Chinese mining farms with $0.04 power hit 0 profit zcash will continue it’s fall.

but asics have nothing to do with the price, as we all know, ofcourse.


lol! good morning happy kahunas!
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while i’m sure most traders that participated in the 2017 run are super happy they’re getting the opportunity to buy ZEC @ current levels… most people are being flamed. there’s no rumors to be excited about, no news, nothing, just pain. don’t be so quick to blame ZEC dump on BTC, because there’s alts out there’s that’ve bucked the trend, tron comes to mind. lol


this indicates a lack of excitement (marketing)


Absolutely agree with you, although the overall crypto market has been on a downward trend, zcash performance has been disappointing in comparison to its peers.


i checked the performance of top privacy coins and here are the findings.


been very unsatisfied with the zcash foundation too. unsure what they even do around here. 2019 & beyond the foundation needs to start asserting itself. lackluster performance has me thinking we may need new blood on the board of directors.