Radical “to the moon” thread


There was a low of 47,71$@Kraken on the 14th of December. Let`s see if it holds.


Casual 5% bounce from 47,55$. Normal day at crypto-games :smiley: Hope we`ll have a follow-up and claim the 51,70$ levels back.


As mentioned in another thread it cannot hold a bounce, there are a few in the charts and then it traces back quickly.


forgot new year in china/korea is feb 5. judging by extreme low volume on bitthumb it’s probably fair to say they’re already checked out for the year.


foundation should be running nonstop advertisements on CNBC. almost all foundation money should be spent on marketing. people should know what zcash is in the USA! we have USD on/off ramps on the most legit exchanges.

USD flows into BTC/ETH, but USD’s also starting to flow into litecoin. i view that USD flowing into litecoin as our money we’ve missed out on.


Just a thought, maybe the Foundation & ZcashCo marketing peeps could post regular updates - like the Engineering/Comms teams do ?

I strongly doubt they’re ‘doing nothing’, its more likely that we just don’t know what they’re up to, also possible that some of the stuff they’re doing can’t be made public yet.


I don’t think anyone is concerned with dollar price. Everyone is concerned with producing actual real world value. Price will follow.

The real battle is here (all indicators look as if selling as been exhausted):


i guess you can just copy and paste zk-starks/snark code right into your project!


almost like charlie tried to pump LTC with an announcement. guess that rocket emoji didn’t work out so well l! lol


That is the drawback of open source. There is little to no protection for intellectual property and as a result coins have little to differentiate themselves from each other nor to have any extra added value. It then comes down to the abilities of the engineering team behind individual coins to be able to fix problems with their protocols and also the ability to be more innovative than the other projects that can add value.

The team must also have a robust funding process behind them. That will be enough to make a project stand head and shoulders above the others and make them the leaders instead of the followers that only take ideas from other projects. Of course it will require a more mature market to price projects appropriately, which does not yet exist.


again??? lol


You are using those Long tails in your analysis, did the price actually touch those price points which would be few cents? If zcash truly dropped to that price point then we are in trouble.


Only to stay consistant with market swings…suffice to say that that long tail is probably an anomaly. Looks like it happened a week after ZEC launched on binance could have been wallet maintenance or whatever sketchiness happens on these exchanges. The pattern would still would true without extra market emotion.


the news has been 100% bullish. market will catch up this year (imo)


been thinking

2017 was the worst/best year for ZEC. most of Q1/Q2 was a brutal bloodfest for zcash. our run mostly happened very late in the year. some people look at yearly lows to indicate true true growth of longterm holders. if you like to view it that way zcash has roughly doubled (off top of head think zcash hit a low of around $25 in 2017)



moar interesting news



Once, the clouds are gone, we can see the moon again😎


feels like 2018’s stench is starting to wear-off.
recent news has been incredibly bullish for the industry as a whole. have a feeling we’ll start looking real good a couple days after feb. 5 passes (lunar new year).